IN3LBQ on the Hühnerspiel (Amthorspitze) - photo by IN3OTD



October, 2017:
Added more measurements on (pseudo-)PIN diodes, a page on diode power detectors and measurements on the N2PK bridge using an alternative transformer.

September, 2016:
As usual, there were lots of updates in the past few months, that were not listed in this News section. Main ones are: characterization of a large number of (pseudo-)PIN diodes and of a wideband RF switch at HF, measurements on common-mode chokes for the HF band, updates to the Hermes-Lite SDR RX characterization.

January, 2016:
Lots of updates in the past months, here is a brief summary of the main ones: several HF PA drivers added to the RF power amplifiers section, a new page about the Hermes-Lite SDR, updated measurements on the HF Class-A PA.

August, 2015:
Updated the wideband bias tee page with more measurements and some improvements to the previous design.

January, 2015:
A new QRP power amplifier, a Class-A design by WA2EUJ, covering the HF plus the 50 MHz band.
A GPIB disk emulator using a PIC and an SD card to allow old equipment storing data on a modern media.

December, 2014:
Added description of the recently built low-distortion HF push-pull amplifiers and measurements on a high-IP3 HF preamplifier.


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In these pages you will find some material related to my amateur radio activity; IN3OTD is the call sign assigned to my amateur station in Italy.
I hold also the call sign DK1CG in Germany and in the past I held F5VMW in France.
To me, being a ham means mostly experimenting with radio-related electronics circuits and devices and I hope that the material you will find here will be useful also for your projects.



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