IN3LBQ on the Hühnerspiel (Amthorspitze) - photo by IN3OTD

From the bench...

Here you will find some practical information on how my test bench is set up for doing the measurements/characterization for my various project. It will contain also details on what's currently "cooking" (pun intended) on my bench.

IMD measurements at IN3OTD

Brief description on the power amplifier characterization (gain, IMD, etc.) automated test bench. This is the bench used for some of the measurements shown in the RF power amplifiers section.

Output harmonics of the HP 8657B generator

Output harmonics of the HP 8657B generator at HF and a simple filter to obtain a clean signal for wideband amplifier characterization.

SMD components test PCB

Measurements and modeling of a small PCB used for testing SMD components.

HP 8753C (non-)repair

Trying to find out why my 8753C VNA started to misbehave.