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updated as of Feb. 21, 2001

Feb. 3-4 Polillo Is. with VE7PD & DU1KGJ

Feb. 9, 10 & 11 Marinduque Island OC-244 with 4I1P - operated by VE7DP and members of CW Phils. special thanks to Marinduque Amatuer Radio Net (MARNET).

Feb. 18-20 Lubang Island - 4I1P to be operated by VE7DP and 4F1FZ and DU1KGJ

Feb. 24 to 27 Batan Island OC-93 with 4H2B

Batan1.jpg (41462 bytes)
Batan Is. DXpedition Photo Gallery

Marinduque & Lubang Islands DXpedition Photos

QSL info:

via VE7DP homecall or

CW Philippines. Inc.(DX1CW / 4I1P / 4H2B)
P.O.Box 1048 Manila,

No QSL via DU Bureau.


The Batanes DXpedition

CW Philippines 15th Induction Ceremonies

CW Philippines Joins CQWW WPX Contest on SSB

District 1 Meeting

Opinion - from 4F1FZ personal web page.

PARA Leadership Crisis -by 4F1FZ

HAMEX (HamExchange)

On CW Philippines' going 15 by 4F1AAR

CW Philippines: Our Organizational Values & Culture by 4F1EAA


CW Phils. 15th Anniversary Photos

1st Breakfast Eyeball in the New Millennium

Freq. Asked Questions about Amateur Radio Restructuring in the US.

VIGAN under construction.


CQWPX 2000 SSB Contest Result:

Call                  Pts                    QSO    Mult
7A0A               6,502,840        2824    785

DX1CW          4,819,136        2362    694
VK4WIL         3,530,304        1856    648
AX2000           964,392           776      429

DX1DX           586,245           714      285
DX1RN           343,197           551      223


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