Subject: an old man's sentimiento
Date: Sunday, May 23, 1999 8:57 PM

An Old Man's Sentiments 

The criticism expressed by our Rey, 4F1FZ on our website's views and opinion regarding the plight of one of the prospective hams truely carried with it all our sentiments. Hence, I cannot help but comment on that PARA's secretary general's letter asking our President Tito Yu to practically shut up!

I believe I know the secretary general personally back in my working days and in fairness to him, I can attest that he is not that kind of a person who would jump readily into any conclusions without first viewing both sides of the coin.

But since the fact remains and the letter is there, this leads me to conclude that he was not able to exercise this option and that this is what the present Joseph Sy-inspired-Board of PARA really wanted to do - Shut Us UP!

I am just an ordinary citizen who would like to expand my knowledge and enjoy the hobby. The dues that I have paid since then, to me, have always been made as a token of courtesy and respect to the (mother?) organization.

I still do respect the institution though and I mean the INSTITUTION by itself. I have always wanted to believe that the problem lies on either how it is currently being run, how it is able to cope up with the current changes to meet the needs of it's constituent clubs or just a matter of putting things up on the right perspective as what Gus, 4F1EAA have pointed out in one of his articles on this site.

But my main point is: Who should represent the Philippine radio amateurs and voice out their plight as well as their opinions?

Do we have to suppress this freedom and dictate what they should and should not do instead?

Or is it merely because that the former director concerned for such actions do not know that the position he took for "yabang" purposes carried with it some responsibilities too?

Gosh! Has anybody up there in PARA seen the need for a CHANGE yet?

Communication technologies have changed in the last number of decades my friends - right in front of our very noses! Now, can we proudly say that we were part of any of these developments? what have we contributed so far in the field of communication in this country? are hams encouraged and given the right atmosphere to develop their skills? and lastly, where does radio amateurism go from here?

Again, I am just an ordinary Old Man who would like to learn more about the hobby and frankly, I do not even need this kind of a PARA to enjoy it!

So, why don't you guys just Wake Up instead of Shutting Us Up.

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