The title virtually speaks for itself. The description is directed to the District 1 Director of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA). His name is Joseph Sy and callsign is DU1FZB. Callsign is almost the same as mine but with the "B" at the end signifying anything but "Bright" I am sure. This topic will deal first on his idea that all amateurs who are members of PARA, after being certified by an accredited club must go to him for a counter signature. Supposedly, certifying that the club is of good standing. This, with a requirement that every club must have a uniform endorsement or certification. This, after he said was approved by clubs in District one. This, after several meetings with only handful of clubs present. This, after he assumed office for several months but was never, never able to muster a majority of member clubs in DU1.

This process added red tape to legitimate members of PARA whose primary function is to facilitate and make the practice of the hobby enjoyable for everyone. This added red tape circumvented even the ministry circular of the National Telecommunications Commission that only an accredited club can certify as to the validity of the proof of amateur activity of an applicant for renewal of his license. This procedure was also directed to the members of PARA who encountered yet another hindrance in the circuitous process of renewing one’s license.

Now, because he wanted to show that he meant business and that he has something in his sleeve that will make members of non-accredited and inactive clubs to have a hard time in renewing their licenses. he sent a list of the different clubs in District 1 signifying the level of active participation by color code. "Ang Ganda" But look at the cover letter, there is not even a mention or a request that PARA non member and inactive clubs must not be allowed to renew their ticket. Why? Maybe he knows that it just cannot be.

Now this letter together with the list was SIGNED by Mr. Joseph Sy and noted by a Mr. Rex Inonog, a President of a club with an added identification as District 1 Consultative Panel.

In this list, the name of the Communications World of Amateurs, Phils., Inc. was never found instead the name Communications World of Amateurs RADIO CLUBS was printed.

Because of this, a prospective ham who attended an orientation seminar conducted by the group, presenting his certification properly signed by the club President and Chairman of the Seminar Committee and with the DRY SEAL OF the club to show that it is an official document issued by the club WAS NOT HONORED BY THE personnel at the NTC. Why? Because the name of CW PHILS. as written above cannot be found.


1. The District Director Mr. Joseph Sy submitted to the NTC a list of member clubs of PARA duly signed by him and noted by Mr. Rex Inonog of the Consultative Panel of PARA.

2. The name of the Communications World of Amateurs, Phils., Inc. did not appear in the list.

3. CW Phils. conducted seminar as required by the NTC and gave out the required certificate of attendance as an OFFICIAL DOCUMENT OF CW PHILS. as shown by the presence of the official DRY SEAL of the Club.

4. That an applicant for the examination attended our seminar and received the said certification and he is staying at Tanay, Rizal which is a good distance from the NTC to his place.

5. That the NTC did not honor the certification because the name of the club did not appear in the list.

6. That the applicant, a prospective ham, suffered inconveniences and that the Club was insulted due to the incident.

7. That the President of CW Phils. in one of the District 1 meetings requested on record an apology from the Director.

8 That the Director declined saying categorically and emphatically that he will not apologize for he only GOT THE LIST FROM PARA.

9. That this document (list) from PARA are official since, it was properly signed by a PARA officer, in this case the District 1 Director.

10. That there were 2 signatories in that document who are responsible for the content of that list.

IN VIEW OF THE FOREGOING, I believe that the District Director is irresponsible, uncaring and unsympathetic to the plight of amateurs or would be amateurs. He does not deserve the respect due to a fellow HAM.

I would like also to add in this presentation that the District Director was not elected by the District. He became a Director only after a consensus of no more than 10 representatives of clubs from district one.

I would like also to add that the contents of "Views and Opinions" column are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily reflect that of the COMMUNICATIONS WORLD OF AMATEURS. PHILS. INC.


de 4F1FZ

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