CW Philippines Membership Email Directory

CALL SIGN QSL Info email address
4F1AAR Roman de Borja
P.O. Box 1048, Manila, Philippines
[email protected]
4F1AKH Jake Haw [email protected]
4F1AOC Ponz Chua  
4F1BRM Ruben  Macalindong [email protected]
4F1BYN Max Santos
P.O. Box 1048, Manila Philippines
[email protected]
4F1CJC Tito E. Yu
PO Box 1048 Manila, Philippines
[email protected]
4F1EBC Ernie Chua [email protected]
4F1DLC Danniel LK Ching [email protected]
4F1DMD Mel Fermin  
4F1DWY Henry Yao [email protected]
4F1FZ Rey Fermin
PO Box 1048 Manila, Philippines
[email protected]
[email protected]
4F3GDX Gudo Castillo [email protected]
4F1GNW Andrew Dee  
4F1GYE Caloy Paulino [email protected]
4D1PMD Eve deLeon  
4F1QJW Jerry Rivas  
4F1QJV Jezreel Rivas  
DU1HR Hector del Rosario [email protected]
4F1OZ Ed Soriano [email protected]
4F2KWT GIL Lappay [email protected]
DU1AS Willy Ranaga [email protected]
DU1COA Daisy Chua [email protected]
DU1COP Nani Lopez [email protected]
DU1CWM Melanie Fermin-Thomas [email protected]
DU1DZJ James Jazmines [email protected]
DU1EFS Elton Ong [email protected]
DU1GF George Francisco [email protected]
DU1KHB Edwin Ilao [email protected]
DU1OMV Rolly de Vera  
DU1MCG Albert Garcia [email protected]
DU1PEX Juancho Salcedo [email protected]
DU1TXU Noel Jose [email protected]
DU3MJJ Jojo Capule [email protected]
DU3HAM Ma. Luisa Castillo [email protected]
DX1CW CW Philippines
PO Box 1048 Manila, Philippines
[email protected]
DY1NII Sly Menor [email protected]
4G1A CW Philippines CW PHILS.
4F3CV Nando Bernasconi
[email protected]
JF1SWH Ken Tamura [email protected]
DU1WHO Jun Mercado [email protected]
  Friends of CW Phils.  
JH3OII Chuck Nakamura [email protected]
WJ1P Joel Limjoco Pastor [email protected]
DU1OP George Kintanar [email protected]

If you are not listed, please let us know.
Please send entry to: CW Web Team.

CW Philippines QSL Info.
CW Philippines
P.O. Box 1048, Manila

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