First Breakfast Eyeball in the New Millennium!
Jan.9, 2000 Racks Restaurant, Pasig City, Philippines

It was a great day indeed... the group met for the first time in the New Millennium. The CW Philippines monthly breakfast eyeball is a regular activity of the group. Meets every second Sunday of the month to discuss anything under the sun. And this time the topic was the recent changes or re-structuring of the amateur radio license requirements in the US of A.

Visiting Ham Louie
A CW Breakfast!
On the lighter side... balita galit daw si ka Etoy sa grupo? anong say niyo ka Etoy?
DU1HR with 4F1FZ discussing the state of our economy or the hobby?
  Introducing our new president, Jake Haw 4F1AKH 
notice the shirt of Mr. Prez, does it says SAVE the Whales or SAVE C.W. (morse code). Hey guys we're on the brink of extinction... maybe congress shud pass a bill putting CW'ers in the list of endangered species, what do you think? are you PRO-CODE or ANTI-CODE? NO CODE or KNOW CODE? let us know what you think, email mail us at [email protected]


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