March 5, 2000
Max"s Restaurant
Greenbelt, Makati

Meeting was called by the District director Ben Cenir, DU1VC. It was called to order at around 2:30 P.M. Several clubs were present. Parlinc had about at least four members present. Taking the minutes was Mike DY1PJM of the ARMI group. Somebody from KALIKASAN was there. Another one from LARC, another one from the Girl Scouts. Other clubs were also represented but disappointingly, there was no introduction of all those present. CW Philippines was represented by the President, Jake 4F1AKH, Immediate Past President Tito 4F1CJC, Past Presidents, Gus 4F1EAA and Rey 4F1FZ. The presiding officer, Ben Cenir, the district 1 director made an introduction regarding activities in the National Organization. Some of the things he mentioned were: the membership fee, the election committee of PARA, the minutes of the meeting immediately prior to the election, the determination of quorum, and the election itself.

On the membership fee, Tito Yu 4F1CJC raised a point of clarification regarding a letter from the Treasurer of PARA sending CW Phils. a statement of account of P10.000.00 representing membership fee for the year 1999 and 2000. This, after PARA excluded the club in the list of paid up members for the year 1999 when there was an overpayment of P2,500.00 in the year 1998. This is base on an agreement in a District meeting sometime in July of 1999 that the authorized membership fee is P100.00 based on the old Constitution, since the amendments Constitution has not yet submitted and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.. It was also agreed that the over payment will be applied to the current year. This was witnessed and approved by the DU1EBV (PARA Pres. 19999). And since CW Phils. was dropped from the list of paid-up member for 1999, it is just fair for the club to demand a refund of the overpayment. The representative from the girl scouts also made it clear that they are demanding the reimbursement of their overpayment.


Ben Cenir then reported that as per the minutes of the meeting immediately prior to the election, there was on record a question of Tom Hashim DU1TH, to the effect the.."what are we going to do in as much as nobody submitted a waiver of intention to serve required by the By-laws". Submission of waiver should have been anytime prior to the election day. He also made remarks as to the integrity of the Election Committee members.

He also made mention of the establishment of quorum. He noted that. there were 2 clubs listed as present when in fact they were absent. The loss of 2 voting clubs means the quorum was not satisfied.

Regarding the waiver, Tom Hashim confirmed that there was an unintentional, no malice and non-conspiratorial violation of the By-Laws.

Rey Fermin 4F1FZ, also pointed out that it should be the old Constitution and By-Laws that should be in effect since there was no approved amendments. Gus Arguelles 4F1EAA suggested that if PARA needs funds, they should request donations from the members and not to charge membership fee that is not mandated by the By-Laws.

It was also confirmed in the meeting by DU1TH that there were 3 different versions of the AMENDMENTS to the Constitution for submission to SEC. And that some officers refused to sign the documents because of the discrepancies.

Meeting ended following these proposed actions to be taken by the District Director:

1. He will see to it that the Board Of Directors of PARA answers the letter from CW Philippines.
2. He will disseminate all the documents to each and every club.
3. A study of the proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws shall
be undertaken and all clubs shall be informed about this.
4. 2 courses of action were forwarded by Rey Fermin: (A). A holdover officers should run PARA. (B) The legitimate members of the Board, the 9District Directors plus any incumbent Director at Large should convene and vote from among themselves the new officers of PARA.

Meeting was adjourned at around 4:30PM.