June 12-13, 1999
Upper Mau Camp
Subic Bay, Philippines

There was an ominous gathering of dark clouds that saturday morning and there were some signs that rains were about to ruin the enjoyable plans of the Intro Phils. group. But they pushed ahead and along the way, rains did pour in and thjey were all saying : "Yes! Go ahead. Spend your fury now and later today and the whole day tomorrow you can rest and go find another place on this mother earth to dump your precious water. That was not the only obstacle encountered. Upon reaching the Gapan-Olongapo road, traffic was bumper to bumper and stretched for several kilometers and cars far ahead who waited for almost 2 hours started making a u-turn. Something upfront must have caused all these and so the caravan decided to make a detour. It's going to be a long detour but soon they found out that it was to be an added chapter to this adventure.

The newcomers and even the experienced ones in relation to the lahar flow of Mt. Pinatubo was dumbfounded and they were struck by the awesome spectacle and fury of this "lahar" phenomenon when they saw what looked like skeletons, a cemetery of houses strewn along the banks of the Potrero river, a silent memento of the power that passed thru this town and claimed what were there for centuries and were handed down from generation to generation. The group just watched and with their own different impression of what that was all about forgot to move and set a foot on that sandy river to take pictures and capture that moment of eerie flashback of time. And still they moved on...

That afternoon, at the flagstaff of the Upper Mau in Subic, the Barker and Williamson wire antenna of the group was hoisted thru the efforts of the macho men and brainy guards. The coax cable came down from the flagpole, snaked down to the ground and thru the door of bunker no. 8507 and finally finding it's way to the very sturdy Heathkit antenna tuner and SWR meter and finally to the ever dependable Kenwood TS 440S.

The Initial training on Radio Operation (INTRO) in the High Frequency band and for international contacts started and they were again frustrated. Why is it that nobody would answer their "CQ" call. Is the band dead? At the brink of frustration came a Japanese bought gadget. Gus 4F1EAA had with him a very small receiver and listening on the 15 meter band, he heard stations talking on a certain frequency and the group zeroed in on that frequency but to their dismay and surprise, nothing was heard from the TS440.

"CHECK THE ANTENNA SYSTEM!!! AHA! One of the patch cords is the culprit. Institute damage control and correction proceedings! Then. slowly stations from other countries started answering their call. Japan, Korea, Slovenia, Macedonia, Spain, Greece, England, France ,Germany, coming from the opposite side of the world Brazil and other countries were contacted.

The jubilation did not end there. With their own ears they heard what was to be the most exhilirating comment they ever heard when they contacted a certain station and after hearing DX!CW the foreign operator exlaimed. "DX1CW very famous!!". and when they all heard that coming from outside the Philippines, they were not able to control themselves and they just let go and jubilantly clapped their hands and cheered. They did not make a mistake in being a part of this very prestigious club.

And as the new dawn of that Sunday greeted us with new burst of beautiful sunshine, they were still there calling CQ but then you just cannot hold back time and the time to break camp came. Without the sound of taps from a trumpet, reluctantly the B&W was hoisted down and the other equipment which gave them a new horizon to conquest had to be packed and loaded in the 747. They will QSY to the beach for the final and historic chapter of that event. The signing of the adopted Constitution and By-Laws of the INTRO Phils.

Another chapter unfolding in their very young existence. The very important document was laid down and they started signing. All the Magnificent 7 stamped down their signature of approval and then they held their first election under the new By-Laws.

The new leaders headed by Madame President Myra Cruz, a Class B license holder DU3AZ and the rest of the official line up have seen with their own eyes and felt with their own hearts the soul and the true spirit of Amateur Radio. They have been blessed and very lucky to be exposed to the true path of HAM RADIO.

We, from the mother Club, the CW Philippines congratulate the new set of officers and we know that far ahead lies a future of golden opportunity for this group and with the able leadership and cooperation of the members, INTRO PHILS shall prevail and persist to promote the proper use of Ham Radio and produce a new breed of Amateurs.


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