I had the chance to check with you as "net controller" last April 20.  We
had a short chatter about the website of DX1CW.  It is really heartwarming
to see a "local" DX club having its own site.  (Although we would like to
fancy ourselves in the fashion of the late Don Claro Mayo Recto's
declaration as "cuidadano verderamente cosmopolitan" - citizens of the world.)

With your website already on-line, I would like to think that other clubs
will follow suit, nay, even attempt to take the lead.  As it is, even the
national umbrella organization, PARA, seem to cast a blind eye to the
wonders of the electronic media. 

Might I suggest that your group convene a roundtable discussion between and
among the amateur clubs for the sole purpose of publishing a Philippine
Amateur Website in time to the Philippine Centennial?

Although I am not affiliated with any of the clubs, and I am a veritable
neophyte in the amateur (radio) world, I am willing to extend my support for
such a worthy undertaking.  Who knows, this could be the start of a
concerted effort to showcase Filipino amateur capability and ingenuity.

73's and Mabuhay ang Pilipinong amaturista.

Yours truly,

Ramon J Anquilan
[email protected]

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