Silent Key

4F1ARC 1950-1998


by 4F1FZ

He was undergoing chemotherapy that time when he heard that melodious sound of Morse Code. One hand holding the Dextrose bottle with the anti-cancer medicine and on the other hand the hand held transceiver.

That was how he was introduced to the frequency 145.640 Mhz under post-operative treatment for cancer. 14 years ago. The year the Communications World of Amateurs, Phils., Inc. was born.

He joined the group immediately after he came to know the personalities and characters of the chartered members of the organization. He proved his God given talent in electronics and his love for the Amateur Radio Service when he went on to get the highest class of license in the Philippines and when he homebrewed several helpful gadgets. CW filter, other circuitry and most specially, the morse code transmitter which was able to contact Japan and the farthest was Brazil. The prototype is still with him and serving as a trophy for his ingenuity.

He became the fourth President of the group in the year 1990.

He was a medical practitioner, a surgeon by profession. He married Lou and left 3 children with her.

He was born April 27,1950 and checked in with the Greatest and Divine Net Controller in the wonderful ether world on April 27, 1998.

To those who would like to know how he looked like, look at the Philippine Callbook. In front of the tent facing you is 4F1ARC. Our past president, our member, our physician, our friend.

We will miss you Jun..

Jun 4F1ARC (front view) and Tino DU1CWT
appearing on the 1992 PARA Callbook cover.

A Silent Key (4F1ARC)

Goodbye Dear Friend, 
the time has come for you to meet the Great Communicator. 
We remember the many contests we spent together, 
how you would call CQ on CW always with that musical
How you would diligently home-brew a transmitter 
or receiver and make it work. 
And wonder that with QRP you can work our JA friends
with home-built equipment made with surgical precision
and the many antennas you tested to improve the signal.
Being a surgeon how you would explain 
communication from the brain to
our muscles through the nerves or 
the intricacies of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
and the many crystal oscillators it has. 
We sure will miss you!
Goodbye Dear friend, it's time to give your key a rest.

de 4F1BYN

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