CW Philippines joins CQWW WPX Contest on SSB.

March 26 -26 2000


Number of contacts:


Final Score:

Hours of Operation: 48 hrs.

Catergory: Multiband, Single transmitter

Operators: 4F1BYN, DU1WHO, DY1PDO, DU3GAM, 4F1CJC, 4F1FZ, 4D1PMD, 4F1AKH, 4F1EAA & 4F3XX

Great contest, we were able to work 48 hrs. without a glitch. During other previous contest we suffer a lot of technical problems but not this time around. Propagation was great to N America and Europe. The Yaesu FT1000MD works great with a Heathkit Linear, thanks to DU1WHO for the equipment. Thanks to DU1MGC for the nice cake and 4F1OZ for the PIZZA…4F1FZ for the venue.

To all local Hams who participated congrats. See you again on CQWW WPX CW contest.


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