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DL4YHF's Ham Radio Homepage

this file was last modified in December 2020 .

Main Site: www.qsl.net/dl4yhf
Backup: www.mydarc.de/dl4yhf

Welcome to the homepage of DL4YHF ! This page provides some tools (software written by myself), hardware, and other information for radio amateurs, and some other not-radio-related stuff like the PIC programmer. If you are curious to know who DL4YHF is, look here. If you look carefully enough, and you are a human visitor (not a robot), you will also find my email address and other details there.

On this site you can find:

PC Software

  • Spectrum Lab - a tool for audio analysis, DSP, beacon logging, etc.
  • EbNaut recorder - configuration for SL to act as a 'scheduled recorder' for EbNaut (coherent BPSK)
  • WOLF GUI - a graphic user interface for Stewart Nelson's WOLF (Weak-signal Operation on Low Frequency)
  • Sound-Utilities - read from the soundcard's ADC and send to DAC
  • Audio I/O library - exchange audio in real time between different applications (also for audio streaming using winamp / oddcast)
  • Communication using WM_COPYDATA messages / 'Message Tester'
  • CalcEd - a text editor which calculates with complex numbers !
  • CurveEdit - a primitive, graphical viewer / editor for array data ("curves")
  • PIC programmer - DL4YHF's WinPic for Win95+98+XP, uses LPT or COM1..4, and supports a variety of PIC microcontrollers.
  • RDF Calculator: for radio-direction finding, topographic map display, GPS track display, etc

PIC projects (firmware and documentation)


Recent changes:

  • Once or twice per year: New release of Spectrum Lab
  • December 2023: Experiments with what may eventually grow into a 'Remote CW Keyer' for certain Icom radios.
  • March 2010: Website back at QSL.NET (which is back at full speed - thanks Scott), and farewell "freenet" which isn't free anymore.
  • January 2005: Website moved from QSL.NET to "freenet" due to bandwidth problems.
  • June 2004: WinPic updated, now supports "JDM PIC-programmer 2".
There will be more in future. Check again ! Until then,
  73 and hope to meet you on the amateur radio bands ..
   Wolfgang "Wolf" Büscher ( DL4YHF )

P.S: If you have problems getting my software running under Vista or some 64-bit version of windows, good luck. Sorry I cannot help with that, last not least because I don't use them. For Spectrum Lab users, send your request / observations or strange errrors / questions through the Spectrum Lab User's group.

Neulich, in der Windows - Taskleiste ;-)

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