DL4YHF's PIC-Keyer

last updated: March 2013.

Main site now at: www.qsl.net/dl4yhf/pic_key.html
Backup site : www.mydarc.de/dl4yhf

This project describes the construction of a real "QRP" keyer with a small microcontroller (PIC 16F84, with slightly modified hardware also PIC16F628). This keyer features:
  • variable CW speed, adjustable via poti from 20 to 300 letters per minute (4..60 WPM)
  • two message-memories (50..64 letters), each controlled by a pushbutton
  • command mode only required for setup and more complex features
  • special modes like "endless" calling loop and automatic contest number generation
  • very low power consumption: 50..200 uA at 2.4 V supply when active, < 1 uA in standby mode
  • simple circuit, can be built on PCB with less than "half matchbox size"
  • dash/dot-memory can be turned on and off ("Iambic mode A" and "B")
  • originally designed for a PIC16F84, but firmware also available for PIC16F628 (not -A yet)
  • Controller is clocked by a built-in RC-oscillator with only 50kHz clock frequency (PIC16F628: 37 kHz)
  • piezo speaker can be connected to the "sidetone" output (audio signal)
  • optional, adjustable 'transmit delay' for the begin of an over (between PTT- and Morse keying output)

Photo of old keyer prototype (follow the link for details)

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