Fotos of DF0WD

DF0WD is the callsign of the clubstation of the local amateur radio club "OV Widukind (N59)". The station is located in Spenge-Barduettingdorf, locator JO42FD which is about 15km north of Bielefeld. It is operated by a number of club members (some of them have own homepages, see links page). I usually operate on 2m in SSB and CW, sometimes on short wave and -more often- on 136kHz with a 200m long wire antenna.

Here are some photos of this station. All pictures are on extra pages to speed up loading.

The location of DF0WD

The VHF/UHF antenna tower

                                                   Some crew members at DF0WD    

     A contester in the shack

                                Long wave operation at DF0WD

If you are close to JO42FD, call us on 439.475MHz (FM simplex). There is activity here almost every weekend. Guests are always welcome.

Hallo OM ! Gäste sind bei DF0WD immer willkommen. Ruf' doch mal rein auf 439.475 MHz (OV-QRG), wenn Du in der Nähe von JO42FD (Spenge) bist. Am Wochenende ist fast immer jemand QRV. Weitere Fotos und Informationen zur Organisation stehen auf der Homepage von Helmut, DB7EC (siehe "Link"-Seite).


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