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DL4YHF's Software Archive

This page was intended to share some self-written ham radio & "utility" software. When using this software, the entire risk is with you (as usual :-)....
The software has been checked to be virus-free, but no windoze-based software in the world will ever be 100 percent bug-free.
Just try ! If the software works on your PC (and with your installation of windows), be happy; if it does not, don't worry... maybe there will be a future release with some bugs fixed.
Before you install any software, take a short look at the documentation if it is provided in the software archive.

For C-programmers :
Most of the PC programs that you find here are written in C++ Builder V4.0 . Sorry, I will not waste my time playing around with MS C or other "visual" stuff.

A plea for the sake of European software developers !

My apologies for this chapter, which -under normal circumstances- doesn't belong here.
There are plans to introduce so-called "Software patents" in the European Union, which may make projects like Mozilla, OpenOffice, Linux, and other free software projects inpossible. Just consider what could happen if someone holds a software patent for simple things like "progress bars", "mouseclicks in certain forms", "scrolling windows", and decides to enforce that patent with an army of lawyers...

So please visit the following site by clicking on the "NO ePATENTS" logo, make up your own mind, and -if you agree- sign the petition which is directed to the European Parliament and to the European Council.

Thanks for your time in advance !

Link to NO-SOFTWARE-PATENTS petition

(copied from http://petition.eurolinux.org)

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