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Last Update: July 2012

Please don't expect an endless list of links here... there are lots of better maintained link-lists out there.

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Homebrew projects, info about other low-frequency activities, automated band monitors, and more can be found here:

CT1DRP's LF monitoring facitily (Plots of the 136kHz band, by Brian CT1DRP)

DF6NM's LF grabber with Colour Direction Finder

DK8KW's LF homepage (info about the 136kHz band, links to part suppliers and more)

G3YXM's homepage (Tons of  info about 136kHz, a well-maintained site [unlike mine] )

I2PHD's site for ARGO, JASON (by Alberto I2PHD and Vittorio IK2CZL). Widely used QRSS viewer and a new 'weak signal' communication mode for LF.

OM2TW's homepage (Rich is active on LF, see the gallery and 136kHz callbook)

ON7YD's homepage (Rik has a nice compilation of articles, projects, links etc)

SM0VPO's homepage (lots of QRP projects and other goodies, tnx Harry)

SM6LKM's homepage (Johan built a nice DDS frequency generator + other homebrew projects)

SV1XV's World below 535 kHz (well-maintained LF-links and infos by Costas, SV1XV)

DF6NM's presentation of his Colour Direction Finder at the Ham Radio 2003

More links (related to ham radio activities on medium wave) are here.

Not really HAM radio but radio-related or of special interest:  

Radio Waves below 22kHz (The VLF Open Lab site) by Renato Romero, IK1QFK

The VLF Group (at Yahoo) helps you get started with natural radio reception

Notes on Domestic VLF Reception by P. Nicholson, how to improve reception of natural radio

Cave Radio & Electronics Group website, interesting for cavers and radio amateurs !

Science.Netfold.com is a new amateur science site initiated by Phil Beastal, since April 2002

Space Weather - not only for VHF enthusiasts and Aurora watchers

Where to find those semiconductor data sheets ... (ordered by manufacturer names, if you couldn't 'google' for a particular device)

Other links...

The "official" PSK31 homepage (lots of software and info about this digital communication mode)

The DX Summit (oh2aq.kolumbus.com) (DX-Cluster,  I use it for 144MHz and for 136kHz)

German amateur radio club (DARC) links to other sites and "official" stuff

Some "neighbourhood"-links:

Mario's homepage (DL1YAY)  with more photos of our club-station DF0WD

Helmut (DB7EC) has other photos and info about the our radio club in German language

Udo (DL2YEO)  develops QRP homebrew transceivers, like the "GM47" (47 parts) for 30 meters

Ulli (DL3YEL) is active on VHF, you'll find photos and DXpedition reports on his new site

Wolfgang I (DL4YDU) - "The Shortwave-Wolf" often active at DF0WD during weekends

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