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Download Zone for EAGLE files

Last updated: June 2002

Users of the Eagle-Layout-Editor may find some useful schematics and boards on this page.

All you need to view, print or modify these files is the free Eagle 3.5 "evaluation" version which you can hopefully still download from www.cadsoft.de . (In the meantime, Eagle 4 is available but my old library can still be loaded)

Here are all files that are currently available for Eagle-Users:


YHF_SPEC.LBR (Special EAGLE library for all projects)

This library contains all "special" parts like unusual coils, capacitors, semiconductors and "other stuff" which I couldn't find in the libs supplied with the "evaluation" version of EAGLE 3.5.
You only need this EAGLE-Library if you want to generate a new PCB from one of the schematics below. If you plan to create a new layout from one of the schematics, please send an e-mail to me because there may be a newer schematic and/or board available than presented on this page !


KEYER1S.ZIP (Schematics for the QRP (PIC-) Keyer

KEYER1B.ZIP (SMD-Board for the QRP (PIC-) Keyer

LF-Transverter (Preselector, maybe more in future):

PRESEL1.SCH (LF-Preselector schematics, current design step)

CW-QRP-Transceiver for 30 meters (still under construction!!!)

Schematics for the 30m - QRP-Transveicer, last design step

This diagram is based on a very simple superhet transceiver with only 47 parts from Udo (DL2YEO). You will find more about the original "GM47"-transceiver on Udo's homepage or in the german "CQ-DL" magazine 04/2000.


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