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Hawaii Police Department Frequencies


Although the Hawaii Police Department is on a conventional VHF radio system, multiple frequencies cover one patrol district in various areas makes the system a bit complicated to monitor.  You have to know what area you're in, and then pick the closest repeater that corresponds to your district, and then determine if it's a primary or secondary frequency for that area.  A primary frequency is the frequency used in the center in town.  A secondary frequency is used to communicate in another part of town in the same district.  Theoretically speaking, it would have made more sense if multiple repeater sites used the same frequency, and then key up the transmitter for that particular site -- this is what Honolulu police used to do when they had their VHF radio system, Hawaii police doesn't.

Source: Hawaii Police Department General Order No. 806: http://www.hawaiipolice.com/genOrders/go806.html

Radio Stations

Call Sign	Location	District/Division			Ch.	Rx Freq.
KUV 74		South Hilo	South Hilo				1	155.310
KUV 74		South Hilo	North Kohala				2	155.310R
WNVM 376	South Hilo	South Hilo				5	154.830
KNAR 879	South Hilo	North Hilo				10	155.415
KNAR 879	South Hilo	Hamakua					10	155.415
WBX 321		South Hilo	South Kohala				8
WBX 321		South Hilo	Kona					10	155.415
WBX 321		South Hilo	Ka'u					10	155.415
WBX 321		South Hilo	Puna					7
KUA 505		South Hilo	CIS-Hilo				4	155.700
KUA 505		South Hilo	Vice-Hilo				3
KNAR 879	North Hilo	North Hilo				10	155.415
WNEV 466	Hamakua		Hamakua					10	155.415
WBM 604		South Kohala	South Kohala				8
KNAR 878	North Kohala	North Kohala				1
WNEV 467	North Kohala	North Kohala				2
WBM 602		Kailua-Kona	Kona (South Kohala, Mahaiula, Kalaoa)	8
WBM 602		Kailua-Kona	Kona (Mahaiula, Kalaoa, Ka'u Boundary)	10	155.415
WBX 326		Captain Cook	Kona					10	155.415
KBK 610		Kona		Kona (Secondary)			6
WBX 324		Ka'u		Ka'u (Volcano-South Point)		10	155.415
KUA 500		Ka'u		Ka'u (South Point-Manuka)		8
WBX 320		Puna		Puna (Volcano-Keaau-Pahoa)		7
KUA 505		Puna		Puna (Kapoho-Kalapana, Opihikao)	9
KUA 510		Kulani		Kulani					1


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