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Radio AH7E Hawaii celebrates its 8th year on the web! Officially launched on 3 January 2000, Radio AH7E Hawaii specializes in the monitoring of public safety radio communications and more. We are proud to serve the scanner and amateur radio community in the Aloha State!

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The scanning section is your one stop place to finding frequency and user information of most public safety agencies here in Hawaii. Most everything radio-related can be found on one of these pages. We're constantly updating information on these pages.

County Public Safety Agencies
Everything that you wanted to know about public safety communications -- police, fire, ambulance, civil defense, lifeguards, and others -- on a statewide level, listed by county.

Hawaii Department of Public Safety - NEW 12/1/2008
Information on state law enforcement/security agencies -- Sheriffs, Jails, Correctional Facilities, and the State Capitol.

Aviation | Aviation Callsigns | Aviation Speak
If you're a pure aviation buff, or just want to tune into the VHF and UHF airbands, then this pages are for you.

Trunking - UPDATED 8/1/2012
Most public safety agencies and businesses in Hawaii are using trunked radio systems. Latest information here.

Schools and Universities - UPDATED 11/30/2008
You'll likely hear school security patrols, administrators, custodial and maintenance staff.

All other miscellaneous frequencies that do not have a classification are listed here.

Latest Arrivals
Check out our latest radios and receivers.

Downloads - LAST UPDATED 11/22/2008
Find a listing of .p96 files for your Pro-96 or Pro-2096 scanner.

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