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Maui Fire Department
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The Maui County Fire Department responds to all fire and rescue emergencies, and co-responds with Emergency Medical Services to various medical emergencies that may occur on the island of Maui, Molokai, and Lanai.

Department Structure


The department is made up of 14 fire stations across the three islands (one uninhabited) that make up the County of Maui. There are 10 fire stations on Maui, three fire stations on Molokai, and one fire station on Lanai. Fourteen engine companies, two ladder companies, one rescue, one hazmat, four tankers and three rescue boats along with a helicopter make up the entire firefighting force.

Manele, on the island of Lanai, continues to grow with its plush resort areas. Planning is underway to build a fire station (Station 15). The new fire station, when built, will house Engine 15 and Tanker 15, bringing the total usable firefighting apparatus to four, and helping reduce response time in that area.


The countywide EMS force is made up of nine ambulances on Maui, and one unit each on Lanai and Molokai.

Radio Communications

All radio communications use the Maui County 800 MHz EF Johnson Multinet II trunked radio system. The initial radio dispatch for Fire or EMS units occur on this system. MEDICOM communications between ambulance and hospital use 453.250 MHz (input frequency is 458.250 MHz).

Fire dispatch and fireground communications use the 800 MHz radio system only.

A new Project 25 digital radio system is expected to replace the current system sometime in late 2008 or 2009.

Fire Station Information

Station Location Apparatus
1 Wailuku Engine 1, Air 1
2 Paia Engine 2
3 Lahaina Engine 3, Ladder 3, Rescue Boat 3
4 Kaunakakai Engine 4, Tanker 4, Rescue Boat 4
5 Makawao Engine 5
6 Kihei Engine 6
7 Hana Engine 7
8 Lana'i City Engine 8, Tanker 8
9 Ho'olehua Engine 9
10 Kahului Engine 10, Hazmat 10, Rescue 10, Rescue Boat 10, Tanker 10
11 Napili Engine 11
12 Pukoo Engine 12
13 Kula Engine 13
14 Wailea Engine 14, Ladder 14, Tanker 14, Air 2

Maui County Paramedic Stations

Medic Location
1 Wailuku
2 Makawao
3 Kihei
4 Lahaina
5 Napili
6 Hana
8 Molokai
10 Kahului
11 Kula
13 Lanai
14 Wailea

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Maui Fire Department
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