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Honolulu Ocean Safety Division
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The Ocean Safety Division falls under the Department of Emergency Medical Services for the City & County of Honolulu. The lifeguards division provides lifeguard and rescue services at nineteen (19) beach parks on the island of Oahu, most of which come under the jurisdiction of the city & county.


The department has four districts, each of which have one captain and two lieutenants.

  • District 1: Area between Pearl Harbor to Hanauma Bay
  • District 2: Area between Hanauma Bay to Kahuku Point
  • District 3: Area between Kahuku Point to Kaena Point
  • District 4: Area between Kaena Point to Pearl Harbor


As of late October 2001, all Ocean Safety districts switched their communications to the City & County of Honolulu 800 MHz Ericsson EDACS trunked radio system from their single UHF frequency (453.850 MHz). They operate in analog mode using one of four district talkgroups. I-CALL is commonly used for radio-to-radio communications. Only a handful of scanners are able to montor these types of transmissions.

Radio Call Signs

Ocean Safety Officers use the callsigns in the Tower ID list as shown below.

Rescue 1
Rescue 2
Rescue 3
Rescue 4
Rescue 5
Rescue 6
Rescue 7
Rescue 8
Rescue 9
Sub 1		District 1 Substation
Sub 2		District 2 Substation
Sub 3		District 3 Substation
Sub 4		District 4 Substation
101		District 1 Captain
102		District 1 Lieutenant I
103		District 1 Lieutenant II
201		District 2 Captain
202		District 2 Lieutenant I
203		District 2 Lieutenant II
301		District 3 Captain
302		District 3 Lieutenant I
303		District 3 Lieutenant II
401		District 4 Captain
402		District 4 Lieutenant I
403		District 4 Lieutenant II

Lifeguard Towers

Tower 1B	Ala Moana Beach Park - West
Tower 1C	Ala Moana Beach Park - Central 1
Tower 1D	Ala Moana Beach Park - Central 2
Tower 1E	Ala Moana Beach Park - Central 3
Tower 1G	Ala Moana Beach Park - Magic Island
Tower 2A	Outrigger Waikiki
Tower 2B	Canoes Waikiki
Tower 2C	Waikiki Beach
Tower 2D	Kuhio Beach Park (Walls)
Tower 2E	Kapiolani Beach Park
Tower 2F	Queens Surf Beach
Tower 2G	Waikiki Natatorium
Tower 2H	Queens Surf Beach
Tower 3A	Hanauma Bay South
Tower 3B	Hanauma Bay East
Tower 4A	Sandy Beach West
Tower 4B	Sandy Beach East
Tower 5		Makapuu Beach Park
Tower 6A	Waimanalo State Beach Park
Tower 6B	Waimanalo Beach Park
Tower 7		Bellows Beach Park
Tower 8		Kailua Beach Park
Tower 9		Kualoa Beach Park
Tower 25	Sunset Beach
Tower 26	Ehukai Beach Park
Tower 27	Ke Waena Beach
Tower 29	Waimea Bay
Tower 31	Haleiwa-Alii Beach
Tower 41A	Nanakuli Beach Park - Zabland
Tower 41B	Nanakuli Beach Park - Parks
Tower 42	Depots Beach
Tower 43A	Maili Beach
Tower 43B	Maili Beach
Tower 45A	Pokai Bay Beach Park
Tower 45B	Pokai Bay Beach Park
Tower 47A	Makaha Beach
Tower 47B	Makaha Beach
Tower 50	Keawaula Beach Park
Work Schedules

A typical schedule is 0900-1730 daily. Radio tests are done just prior to shift start. During periods of high-surf, unusual ocean conditions, or even beach population can alter both start and end times.

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