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Radio AH7E Hawaii celebrates its 8th year on the web! Officially launched on 3 January 2000, Radio AH7E Hawaii specializes in the monitoring of public safety radio communications and more. We are proud to serve the scanner and amateur radio community in the Aloha State!

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This page lists some of the transmitters and receivers that I own or have previously owned.

Name of transmitter/receiver Date Acquired Serial No.
Icom IC-208H Dual Band mobile transceiver 2005 0503905
Icom IC-V8000 VHF mobile transceiver   2501862
Icom IC-W32A Dual Band amateur transceiver    
Motorola ASTRO VHF transceiver January 2003  
Radio Shack HTX-202 VHF amateur transceiver August 2000  
Radio Shack HTX-404 VHF amateur transceiver    
Radio Shack Pro-50    
Radio Shack Pro-51    
Radio Shack Pro-90 1999?  
Radio Shack Pro-91 1999?  
Radio Shack Pro-92 2000? 007182
Radio Shack Pro-94    
Radio Shack Pro-96 November 2008 C025887
Radio Shack Pro-97 - Tested only August 11, 2005  
Radio Shack Pro-2015    
Uniden BC244CLT    
Uniden BC245XLT July 1999  
United BC780XLT December 2000 06001240
Uniden BC796D (no longer own) May 2004  


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