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Keyer Paddle

Radio Projects > CW Paddle Key

My twin paddle key project.

January 2011

A new years resolution to build a twin paddle key. I will have to wait for the weather to get a bit warmer as it is too cold in the outside work shop right now!!

My initial thoughts were to go with all brass parts including the base but I have now decided purely to keep cost down, and as I already have a piece of steel plate 4 inches by 36 inches by half inch thick, so the base will be of mild steel and spray painted. All other parts will be fabricated from aluminium and brass.

is a drawing of the intended MK1 key
but I guess a lot can happen between now and start of work.

And it aready has I am now going with 90 degree angled paddles instead of straight and using aluminium instead of brass.

The design is based on
Kent twin paddle key but using magnets instead of springs for the arm tension.

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