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 Hello, my name is Edward R. Breneiser. I've been a ham for about twenty-eight years now and still enjoy the hobby.  I am fifty years old, married and have three children.  I work as an engineer for Agere Systems, formally Lucent Technologies, in Reading, Pennsylvania.

My hobbies are ham radio, writing and outdoor activities.  My first love is ham radio.  I've been president of our local radio club called The Reading Radio Club.  My ARES/ RACES involvement was as EC of Berks County, PA.. Then as DEC District III which represents Berks, Carbon and Schuylkill Counties in the Eastern Pennsylvania Section.

I am also doing research for a book about the origin of the telegraph in the United States.  I have visited Samuel Morse's home at Locust Grove in New York, Historic Speedwell in New Jersey and I have been to the Smithsonian Archives in Washington, DC many times to do research for my book.  I also have been to the National Museum of American History to research the book.

My present interest is in QRP Radio. I've built a SST 20M kit, K2 kit and a K1 Kit from Elecraft.  I enjoy DXpeditioning to the Caribbean and have been to Puerto Rico WA3WSJ/KP4 in 1992; Abaco Island WA3WSJ/C6A in 1996; Antigua V26ED in 1997 and Abaco Island again in  February and November of 1999. I  have also visited Abaco Island again as WA3WSJ/C6A in February of 2000 and 2001 and C6A/WA3WSJ in November of 2000.  I also operate PSK31 with my K2 and like this mode!

I just love QRP and I'm happy to say that I'm addicted to QRP! What a great community of people all of whom are willing to help fellow QRPers. It just doesn't get any better than this! Yes life is short, but I'm having a ball with this great hobby of ours.

I am also a member of the Eastern Pennsylvania QRP Club #24; NJqrp #188 and HIqrp #104, ARS#580; ARCI # 9957

My Email address is:[email protected]      ( .  -.  .---  ---  -.--)