Abaco Island QRP DXpedition II
February 02-15-00 to 02-22-00
Welcome to my Abaco Island II page. This page will have all my info for my QRP DXpedition to Abaco Island from 02-15-00 to 02-22-00.  If you have any questions about this trip or other DXpeditions , please email me at:
[email protected]
QTH of all my QRP DXpeditions on Abaco Islannd
as viewed from beach
My daughter Cynthia on beach directly in front of qth

Antennas On Trip
 130' ladder line fed dipole
Inverted-L 170' vertical

Edward R. Breneiser, WA3WSJ/C6A
775 Moonflower Ave.
Reading, PA  19606-3447
Hi all! I am back from Abaco. I had a relaxing time on the island and enjoyed playing radio.
The ARRL DX CW Contest was brutal for me using qrp! I was bounced around like a bing pong ball. I only made around 250 qs in the contest, but  I had fun. Outside the contest, I had another 250 contacts. I did manage to read a great book titled"Testament." I hope to eyeball many ops that I had qsos with while on Abaco at Dayton.

New QSL Card
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