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K2 Step 2 & 3 Page

Date-July 27, 1999: Started Step 2 and have about six hours into the rf board on
                                 this step so far.Have resistors, varactors, diodes and transistors mounted
                                 to the board.

Date- August 6, 1999: Finished step 2 and everything works great! Time in step two to date is 16
                                    The receiver is better than my TS570, but the 570 beats it with DSP!
                                    The filters in the K2 are just great- very smooth and little ringing. The phase
                                    noise in the K2 is better than my TS570, very low.
                                   Total time to end of Step 2: 32 hours

 Here is a picture of the RF Board to the end of Step Two

Date-August 6, 1999: Started step 3 and have about
                                   five hours into this step.

Date-August 17, 1999: Step three finished; time in at this step
17 hours. Total time to date- 49 hours. Now on to the
testing !

Date- August 28, 1999: Most alignments are finished and the rig appears to work
                                     just great! Here are a couple of the test results:
Rx Sensitivity----- 3.750mhz-------   -145dbm   *** HP 8656B signal generator ***
                             7.100mhz-------   -146dbm
                            10.100mhz-------   -147dbm
                           14.100mhz-------   -144dbm
                           18.100mhz-------   -146dbm
                           21.100mhz-------   -146dbm
                           24.900mhz-------   -145dbm
                           28.200mhz-------    -145dbm
Tx Power Output-- Good on all bands and seems to follow power settings +- .2w
                               Tx frequency is within 100hz on all bands and clean. I had a  vco
                               frequency spur problem on 10m, but bandpass filter alignment seems
                               to have fixed it. I looked at Tx output on all bands with spectrum analyzer
                               and all bands look good.