WA3WSJ's Abaco Island 2000 Trip!
Info about Abaco Island?
Hello and welcome to my Abaco 2000 page. I will be on Abaco Island from 11/21/00 to 11/28/00. If you would like a sked, please drop me an email at:
[email protected]

I will operate all hf bands including the WARC Bands. I had a ball on 12M my last trip there. I will only operate QRP on this trip and I will use my K2 rig for the entire DXpedition. Please QSL direct with SASE or via buro. If you qsl via buro, expect a delay on receiving a card. Sorry, but I'm slow to send via buro!

Hi all! Boy I had a ball operating with my K2 on Abaco Island. The CQWWCW
Contest was a blast. I had around 900 plus Qs and a raw score of about 360K.
I should have had 500K, but I had a beam operator problem. I operated my A3S
backwards for half the contest! Boy do I feel dumb about that. I had about 600 Qs outside the contest and I even operated my TT2 and worked DX with it! Look for me down on Abaco 2/16/01 to 2/19/01. I might have my K1 built by then.

Please keep checking this page for updates about my trip. Thanks for looking at my site. Most of all please remember - Life is Short - so Enjoy!

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