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Larry Banks
Continuously licensed since 1962.  
First as novice KN1VFX in Stratford, CT.  
Received W1DYJ in 1966 when I moved to the Boston area.
I now operate from Woburn MA and Harpswell ME.

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Reviewed: 2 May 2019


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Woburn, MA, USA
FN 42 kl 34 nb
W 71 8.21' N 42 28.49'

W1DYJ_qsl-MA-1.jpg (34414 bytes)

Click for Woburn, Massachusetts Forecast

Woburn Antennas

Woburn Antenna Analysis.gif (67965 bytes)

Harpswell, ME, USA
FN 43 xs 91 pj
W 70 0.16'  N 43 45.36'

W1DYJ_qsl-ME-1.jpg (35749 bytes)

Click for South Harpswell, Maine Forecast

Harpswell Antennas

Harpswell Antenna Analysis.gif (71978 bytes)

MA: PH, CW, DIG, 40, 20, 10
Triple Play

PH, DIG, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17
PH, CW, DIG, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 10




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[New England region]

[Eastern Massachusetts]

MMRA Board of Directors
Newsletter Editor
Trustee of repeater W1DYJ: 449.775
in North Reading MA
Net Manager of the MMRA
TIAOS Net: Tuesday Night @ 8 PM

A Massachusetts non-profit corporation that sponsors and runs the ARRL New England Division Convention.
[A member of the ARRL Maxim Society]

Publication Editor

Philips ARC
Ex- Hewlett-Packard ARC
A Field Day club
Andover, Massachusetts

North East Weak Signal Group

New England region

Merrymeeting ARA

Member Executive Board

Brunswick (mid-coast region), Maine

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Talks - Antennas

A 20M Moxon Rectangle (from QST ~ April 2009)
[Winner of the QST Cover Plaque Award]

QST_April_Cover_Plaque.jpg (138138 bytes)

This article is included in the ARRL Antenna Compendium Vol. 8 and
 also on the Supplemental Files CD of the ARRL Antenna Book, 23rd edition. 

Antenna Modeling 101

Antenna Modeling Cover.jpg (60284 bytes)   Antenna Book SW.jpg (113533 bytes)   Antenna Modeling Conclusions.jpg (71250 bytes)
Cover                  ARRL Antenna Book SW        Conclusions

Presented at
MMRA: March 2016
MARA: May 2016 (A shorter version without EZNEC)

A 40M Vertical with Elevated Radials                       [Unpublished Paper]

40M V title.jpg (58420 bytes)  40M V design.jpg (78473 bytes)  40M V final.jpg (60350 bytes)  40M V compare.jpg (84132 bytes)
Cover                      Initial Design                Final Design                    Results

Presented at
MARA: August 2014
YCCC: December 2014

Reception of MMRA 220 FM repeaters: effect of antenna placement

220 Survey.jpg (103365 bytes)

220 Repeater Data.jpg (98684 bytes)

Modeling a Fan Dipole for DX

Fan_Dipole_Cover.jpg (86389 bytes)
Fan_Dipole_Map.jpg (99455 bytes)
Fan_Dipole_HFTA_Europe.jpg (136710 bytes)
HFTA to Europe

Presented at
 February 2012

QCWA #134
March 2012

3/2016: After adding the 40M vertical discussed above, this has now been changed to a totally different 80/30/20/10 dipole.

9/2017: Added loading coils and more wire to add 160M

80-20-10 response.gif (43845 bytes)


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Talks - Operating

One Ham's Journey with Antennas

Antenna Journey Cover.jpg (87056 bytes)     Antenna Journey Philosophy.jpg (81310 bytes)     Antenna Journey Fan Response.jpg (133117 bytes)      Antenna Journey Results.jpg (85734 bytes)
Cover                         Philosophy                 Response                 Results   

Various (shorter) versions of this were presented at
Framingham (MA) ARA: April 2018
MMRA: May 2018
Billerica (MA) ARS: October 2018
PART of Westford: November 2018


FT8: Not a Prefix - A Powerful New Mode

FT8 cover.jpg (76738 bytes)   FT8 Agenda.jpg (56302 bytes)  FT8 monitor.jpg (120172 bytes)     FT8 results.jpg (89709 bytes)
Cover                          Monitor                       Results

Presented at
W1HP Field Day: June  2018 (a very condensed version, as the educational bonus)
MARA: September 201 (a condensed version)
MMRA: March 2019

Obtaining CW DXCC in SIX Months

CW DXCC Cover.jpg (64942 bytes)  CW DXCC goals.jpg (68105 bytes)
                      Cover                      Goals                         

 CW DXCC results.jpg (141581 bytes)  CW DXCC summary.jpg (77149 bytes)
 Results                        Summary

Presented at
MARA: August 2014
Framingham (MA) ARA: February 2017

Ham Radio:
A Lifelong Hobby

Ham Radio_Rotary-2017-cover.jpg (69499 bytes)

Ham Radio_Rotary-2017-final.jpg (76866 bytes)

Presented at
Burlington MA Rotary Club
 October 2017

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Travel Photos
Morocco - 2019
(In Process)
Iceland - 2017
Iceland - 2017
Nova Scotia - 2015
Nova Scotia - 2015
New Zealand / Australia 2014
[In Process]

Africa - 2012

Africa - 2012