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Created on 17th May, 1999. - Last updated 21 August, 2023.

This is an information source to others interested in the hobby of amateur radio.
It is based on the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid), so one can get in, get what they want and go !
I hope it is useful to you.

Station Location: Sydney. NSW. Australia. Grid Square QF56og

As of 12th July 2000 I now have Full HF privileges.

Modes: currently HF, 6m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 9cm, 3cm using SSB, FM and Digital modes

Where to find me:

VK2KFJ Echolink node 1494 (off air for several years now)
Mobile: yes, 40m LSB, plus 10,6,2,70 FM
APRS: yes
DMR: yes
P25: yes
Flickr: yes
Facebook: yes
Skype: yes
Blog: yes
QRZ.com: yes
Eham: yes
eQSL: yes

VK2KFJ Blog:

VK2KFJ web pages: Repeater information pages: Amateur Radio conversions, etc: DXing, Weak Signal VHF & Above: Portable Operating: Microwave bands: GNU/Linux for Amateur Radio applications: APRS and Packet Radio related pages: Antenna pages Miscellaneous pages Some other favourite Amateur radio websites

radioshetland.co.uk - Shetlands Islands Amateur Radio arcclub.wordpress.com - Zetland (Shetlands) Amateur Radio Club
www.maclean.org/cmars/ - Clan MacLean Amateur Radio Society
www.galwayradio.com - Galway Radio Experimenters Club EI4GRC in Ireland
QSL.net - the home page of my web site sponsor
WIA - Wireless Institute of Australia - representative body for Amateur Radio in Australia
VKspotter.com - is the VK/ZL VHF-UHF-SHF & HF Propagation Logger & DX reporting service for Oceania region
ON4KST.com - propagation & DX logger >>> 144 & 432 MHz IARU Region3
AHRDF.net - Australian Ham Radio Discussion Forum
ContestRadar.com - postings for VK Contests

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