VK2KFJ's Weak Signal DXing Information.

Created on 14th April, 2005. ---- last updated 19th December, 2017.

This is information and links to other sites, useful to weak signal DXers, ie. usually 6 metre and upwards, using modes
like SSB, CW, and narrow digital modes such as WSJT, PSK31, JT44, etc. using equipment that is generally high powered, with large
antenna arrays, to work distant stations, under various modes of propagation, eg. tropo, E's, TEP and ducting

The majority of my weak-signal DXing was done on 2 metre SSB from my home previously at Beacon Hill, on the northern
beaches area of Sydney, where I lived in a 2 storey house, on a hill, with clear view to the north coast of NSW,
but shielded to the south, which in itself had its pros & cons, the pros were it provided shielding of RF noise
to the city, but the cons were it was very difficult to work DX to the south, ie. southern NSW and Victoria (VK3)
I also did a bit of 6metre and 70cm SSB DXing, but this was only during field day trips to mountain tops, inconjunction
with VHF/UHF contests, such as John Moyle Field Day and Ross Hull VHF/UHF contests

After moving house in 1987, I had the 2m yagi antenna, setup for about a year or two before removing it, to do house
extensions, then I was unfortunately forced to sell my 2metre and 6metre all mode transceivers, so that put the DXing
on hold since then.
May, 2006 now have a FT-221, have fixed it up, interfaced it with a Tono 130w amp, bought a roll of new LMR-400 coax, slowly getting
my station running again, working on it over winter, hopefully fully operational by October ready for spring and summer activity.

October 2011 put the FT-221 and Amp through its paces with AE activity on 144.200 whilst portable from QF46pu

October 2012 retuned the FT-221, now we can get 140w instead of 40w, had more success this year whilst portable at QF46pu.

December 2012 purchased Kenwood TR-9130 for 2m, TR-9500 for 70cm and HL45 for operating 2m & 70cm Weak signal.

November 2014 moved housed, bought extra gear, but only activate when mobile and operating portable, mostly for microwave

Some useful links, that may aid you in working weak signal DX:

Weak Signal Essentials:

Owen VK1OD's 'Roger' Beep keyer kit - a simple, low-cost handy device for weak signal SSB DXing, adds a beep or 'K' tone to SSB transmission

DX Clusters, Propagation Loggers, etc:

VKLOGGER.com - VK/ZL VHF-UHF & HF Propagation Logger & DX reporting - the local VK & ZL DX logger for western Pacific region.
50 MHz DX Web Cluster from JAPAN. (includes access to HF, EME, satellite clusters)
VHF/UHF DX Web Cluster from JAPAN. (includes access to HF, EME, satellite clusters)
ON4KST.com - propagation & DX logger (we use the 144 & 432 MHz IARU Region3 section)
AHRDF.net - Australian Ham Radio Discussion Forum

Other utilities and information sources:

  • VK2KFJ's TEP - Transequatorial Propagation page.
  • DL6WU yagi design
  • Gridsquare Conversion Utility.
  • Distance Calculator Utility.
  • Frequency Bandplan for FK8 New Caledonia

    Receiver Sensitivity.
    With a good preamp and a quiet location, you should be able to copy virtually down to the noise floor.
    In a 2khz bandwidth for SSB this is -141dBm, which corresponds to 0.02uV in 50 ohms.
    This is S1 on a scale of 6dB per S-point with S9 at 5uV. S2 at 0.04uV (-135dBm) is comfortable copy.
    courtesy of Guy VK2KU (sk)

  • see my field portable page and photos
  • DX Farm page and photos, operating field portable
  • DX Farm2 page and photos, another farm to operate from

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