DX Farm2 Photos

This is another farm we visit out near Bathurst that we go to play radio, e.g. DXing and experimenting,

This is a 950mASL mountain with 360 degree clear horizon, ideal for HF/VHF/UHF/SHF terrestrial & EME DX and contesting

Basic testing from the car, could hear Newcastle 146.775, Somersby 146.725, Maddens Plains 146.850 & 53.650 and Mt.Ginini 146.950

Here are some recent photos :

looking north (April 2017)

looking north east (April 2017)

looking east (April 2017)

looking south east, with Sydney at ESE (April 2017)

looking south (April 2017) plenty of white quartz reef

looking SSW towards Canberra and Melbourne (April 2017)

looking south west, Melbourne through Adelaide (April 2017)

looking west, through to Perth (April 2017)

looking north (April 2017)

looking north west view towards Dubbo (April 2017), highest point is just to right of pine trees (950mASL)

looking north (April 2017)

looking north west(April 2017)

looking true north, the fence and pine trees line up with magnetic north (April 2017)

looking NNE, highest point near junction of fences, location for the shed (April 2017)

looking west from western side of pine trees (April 2017)

looking east from western side of pine trees (April 2017)

looking over the car towards Sydney, it is a reasonablly flat plateau area, for camping, etc. (April 2017)

looking towards Sydney from the car (April 2017)

one of two radio shacks for top of the hill (May 2017) The other shed to be assembled later
the shed has full kitchen and even reverse cycle A/C and an outside portaloo

sheds being delivered (May 2017)

workshop sheds for building, fixing, testing radios and antennas (May 2017)

270metre long trench, fibre, cat6, power, all in conduits, (May 2017)

the trench includes two water pipes, 1 x pumping up to tank, return pipe provides mains pressure back to house (May 2017)

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