David VK5KK's microwave displays at Open Day as part of the WIA AGM in Handorf, South Australia, 2017

David VK5KK microwave equipment for demonstration at the Open Day at Hahndorf Oval on 21st May 2017,
working Iain VK5ZD on all microwave bands, 1296MHz through 122GHz, including attempt to do 10GHz EME
demo into Europe, using 10GHz transverter running 30w into 90cm diameter dish.

1. 10GHz transverter, 30w PA

2. AZ/EL mount and controller for 10GHZ EME dish

3. 10 GHz

4. 10 GHz EME dish 90cm diam

5. 10 GHz EME feed

6. 10 GHz EME feed

7. 10 GHz EME AZ/EL control box

8. 10 GHz EME dish

9. 10Ghz EME controller

10. 47 GHz transverter

11. 122GHz transverter

12. 47GHz transverter

13. 47GHz feed

14. David VK5KK operating 10GHz EME

15. 10GHz transverter and panel for terrestrial operation

16. 10GHz panel

17. 27GHz/47Ghz transverter and dish, with 47GHz module fitted

18. 47GHz transverter

19. 47GHz transverter in operation

20. using FT290R as the IF for the 47GHz transverter

21. 122GHz dish and feed

22. 122GHz transverter and feed

23. David VK5KK operating 122GHz transverter

24. David VK5KK operating 122GHz transverter

25. 47GHz transverter

26. 122GHz transverter and dish

27. inside the 122GHz transverter

28. inside the 122GHz transverter

29. inside the 122GHz transverter

30. inside the 122GHz transverter

31. inside the 122GHz transverter

32. inside the 122GHz transverter

33. David VK5KK assembling 76GHz transverter

34. 76GHz transverter and dish

35. AZ/EL controler for 10GHz EME station

36. 76GHz transverter

37. David VK5KK tweaking the AZ/EL controller for 10GHz EME station

38. 10GHz 30w EME PA

39. David VK5KK operating the 10GHz EME station

40. David VK5KK operating the 10GHz EME station

41. 47GHz dish and feed

42. David VK5KK with 10GHz EME station