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Satellite Tracking & Software
Dundee Satellite predictions
Gpredict  Linux, BSD, Windows, and Mac OS X
InstantTrack  DOS - AMSAT fund-raiser
Keplerian TLE's (Amateur Satellites)
Keplerian TLE's - AMSAT
Keplerian TLE's - CelesTrak
Keplerian TLE's - N2WWD
Latest NASA Orbital Element Sets  ISS - International Space Station
Latest NASA Orbital Element Sets  STS - Shuttle
LogSat Professional  Windows - Commercial
MacDoppler  Mac OS X 10.4 - Commercial (demo available)
MacDoppler Pro  OSX, Mac OS 9.1 - Commercial (demo available)
Mike McCants' Satellite Tracking Web Pages
Northern Lights Software - Satellite Tracking
Nova for Windows  Commercial (demo available)
Orbitron  Windows - Cardware
PetitTrack  Embedded Linux - Freeware (GPL)
PocketSat+  PalmOS, WindowsCE 3.0 - Shareware
Portable Predict+  OSX, Linux, SunOS and Windows - Freeware (GPL)
Predict  OSX, Linux, SunOS and Windows - Freeware (GPL)
Predict Satellite Passes Over North America
SatPC32  Windows - Commercial (demo available)
Satscape  Windows, Mac OS and Linux
SCRAP 3-D Satellite Display and Analysis Tool  Windows - Commercial (demo available)
Track Chandra X-Ray Observatory  shows location
Track NOAA 12  shows location
Track NOAA 14  shows location
Track NOAA 15  shows location
Tracksat  WindowsCE 3.0 - Shareware
UISS  Windows  (Packet station software) - Donation
WinOrbit  Windows - Freeware
WiSP  Windows  (Packet station software) - Commercial