TrackSat homepage

TrackSat is an application I have developed for the Pocket PC , Handheld PCPro and now Windows Mobile devices that will track satellites, and display their position on a map of the world. It also has a display that shows other relevant information useful to Ham Radio operators to allow them to work them. It has  a built in facility to update the Keplarian elements, and an ability to produce a list of predictions for availability of service (AOS) for a given satellite for up to 7 days. the registered version will allow you to the select particular passes, and save them to the calendar in Pocket outlook on the device so that you may get reminders.

Tracksat for the Pocket PC is available in 3 different versions:

1) TrackSat/CE for the Handheld PC, for further information look here

2) TrackSat/CE for Pocket PC devices, for further information look here

3) TrackSat/WM for Windows mobile devices, for further information look here

TrackSat/CE for HPC Pro TrackSat/CE for PPC TrackSat/WM



The code is based on the original Plan-13 BBC Basic program written by James Miller G3RUH, and also SatTrak  a visual basic program written by Stacey E. MillsW4SM (http://www.people.virginia.edu/~sem2r/), who provided me with the source for his program.


Tracksat/CE is supplied as freeware. You may download this program and use it for non-commercial use freely.

See the registration page for complimentary registration code.

I no longer provide any support for any of the software products on this website.