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UISS: Windows packet program for satellites etc. de ON6MU (ex ON1DHT)
Easy To Use Windows Packet Program
For International Space Station, PCSat and other
'compatible' satellites, APRS or for any type of UI-traffic!
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UISS: de ON6MU (ex ON1DHT)
Version 5.4.4
Welcome to the UISS homepage!

This program has been designed for packet communication with ISS
(International Space Station), PCSat, ANDE or 'compatible' satellites with ease...
Ideal for any UI packet communication (unproto)
You can digi or connect the satellites with UI-frames complete with TX-data (text),
APRS location and/or APRS messages, bulletins, news, mail, APRS-IS satgate etc...
Although designed for HAM operators communicating with satellites,
can UISS also be used for normal radioamateur basic packet operations or APRS too.
Powerful features allows you easy monitoring of any type of AX25 packet traffic.
Plots the heard stations on a map using UISS module: UI-MapView!
Works in all Windows versions or Linux (using
emul software).

Discover the unique features of UISS today...

The software is free for HAM's and non-commercial purposes, but if you do use it and
want extra professional features and several special options then please:

.** become a beta-tester, translate the manual or contribute to the ham-community in some special way **.
.** or send me a donation to support this and future UISS projects (Pro-Edition) **.

Flash News
*** UISS version 5.4.4 released november 22nd 2021 ***


HAM Radio Links
.My ISS Shadow Award Experiment also using UISS


Any suggestions, comments or support are always a great help for future UISS versions.

I'm also looking for people who would like to translate the manual and beta-testers.
Please let me know and I'll send you the info you need by mail.
Translators and beta-testers get a free Pro-Edition key!
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