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Adjusting Straight Keys, Paddles, & Bugs  A "How-To" Article by N1FN
AMECO K-4 Telegraph Key Parts
American Morse Equipment  Stright keys & paddles
Bencher  CW keys & paddles
Begali Kays & Paddles  Italy
Bulldog  Iambic keyers & memory keyers
Bugs: Want some Technology with That?  A discussion of dual levers by N1FN
CodeBoy Iambic Keyer
CT Keys  New keys from Ukraine
CW CommandPost  CW operating accessory by N1FN
ElectroInstrument  From Russia
G4ZPY  Keys and Paddles
GHD Telegraph Key  Keys, paddles & bugs by Toshihiko, JA7GHD
GHD Telegraph Key  GHD Japanese web site; Japanese language
Hensley Paddles  Handcrafted
Iambic Keying - Distinction Between Mode A / Mode B  .pdf format
Iambic Sending  by Chuck Adams, K7QO (.pdf format)
Hi-Mound  Straight keys & paddles from Japan
Jackson Harbor  Keyer kits by WB9KZY
J. H. Brunnell & Co.  Telegraph apparatus
K1EL  K-Keyers & WinKey CW Keyer
Kanga USA  Mini-Yak Iambic Keyer/Trainer
Kent Morse Keys
Lego MindStorms Iambic Keyer and Paddle  Project by N9SSA
Lennart Pettersson & Co  The original Swedish key
Logikey K-3 & Super CMOS-III Keyer Kits
MFJ Keys / Keyers / Keyboards / Readers
Milestone Technologies - Morse Express  Keys, keyers & kits
Mouse Keyer
N3ZN Keys  Iambic & single lever paddles and keys
NorCal Keyer & Tips
North American Telegraph Keys  Hand-made keys from Jim, K6VDH
Nye Viking Speed-X Telegraph Keys  U.S.A.
Paddlette Co.  Miniature paddles
Palm Radio  Miniature paddles from Germany
PK-3 Iambic Keyer
PLA Keys  Chinese military surplus
Schurr Morsetasten  Paddles and keys from Germany
Setting Up the Key-8 Paddle
Straight Keys  made in Ukraine
The Art of Side-Swipery  by Jerry L. Bartachek KD0CA
The Junker DBGM Key  Germany
The Myth of Iambic Keying  by N1FN (pdf format)
The Sox Key - Miniature Marvel  U.S.A.
The XT-4 CW Memory Keyer  battery operated
Vectronics  Iambic paddles, electronic keyers
Vibroplex  Keys, bugs & paddles
Vibroplex Collector's Page
Whiterooke Products  Keyers & paddles