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CW Only Awards

This section contains information on Code-Only awards which can be earned by amateur radio operators, as well as SWLs (short wave listeners). Most of the amateur radio award programs do issue their awards for CW-Only category, or endorsement (DXCC, WAC, WAS, WAZ, etc.).

A listing of many Country specific awards can be found in the award section of my web site. Good luck, and happy award hunting !!!

A1 Century Club Award (A1CC)  A1 Club Of Japan
AGCW Langzeitdiplom  AGCW-DL
AGCW 2000 Award  AGCW-DL
Alfredo Emilio Luciano - LU6DJX Award  CW Group Of Argentina (GACW)
Antonio Tony Navatta LU5AQ - Award  CW Group Of Argentina (GACW)
A-Z Sao Paulo Award  LABRE - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazilian Coast Award  GPCW Club, Brazil
Canadian Maple Award  SKCC Group
CECW Basic Award  Ceara CW Group, Brazil
Centurion Award  SKCC Group
City of Juiz De Fora Award  Brazil
Code Proficiency Certificate ARRL (W1AW)
Croatian CW Contest 9A CW Award
CW-500/1000/2000 Award  AGCW-DL
CW-777 Award  A1 Club Of Japan
CW Colossus Award (WCWCA)  Dodecanese R.A.A.
CW-QRP-C Award  Deutscher Telegrafie Club, Germany
CW-PX-EU Award  Deutscher Telegrafie Club, Germany
CWAC Award  Deutscher Telegrafie Club, Germany
CWAS Award  Aguias do Sul CW Club, Brazil
CWBLER Ham Award  Morse Club Gaucho, Brazil
CWGO Award  Goias CW Club, Brazil
CWJF Award  CWJF Group, Brazil
CWops Awards:
  • Annual Competition Award (ACA)
  • Cumulative Membership Award (CMA)
  • WAS Award
  • Worked All Europe Award
  • WAZ Award
CWRJ Awards  Rio de Janeiro CW Group, Brazil
CWRL Award  Regiao dos Lagos CW Group, Brazil
CWSA Award  CW Club de Santo Andre, Brazil
CWSC-Diplom  CW speed certificate - DARC Distrikt Nordrhein
CWSE Award  CW Club de Sergipe, Brazil
CWSP Awards - Grupo de CW de Sao Paulo, Brazil:
  • BRCW Award
  • CWDF Award
  • CWSP Award
  • Diploma CWYL - (CWSP YL)
  • WABr - Worked All Brasil
  • WMM - Worked Maritime Mobil Award
CWYC Award  Deutscher Telegrafie Club, Germany
DIB - Diploma Interior Brasileiro  Goias CW Club, Brazil
Diplôme CW du Département 13  ADREF13
Diploma CW forever  Russian telegraphic club (R-CW-C)
Diploma of 7 years of R-CW-C  Russian telegraphic club (R-CW-C)
Diplóme du CFT  Club Francophone Télégraphiste - CFT
Diplôme FCW 500  REF
Diplôme télégraphie classe C DTC  REF
DX-C, DX-Q Awards  SKCC Group
ECWARC Activity Week Award  Essex CW ARC
EuCW Novice Award  The European CW Association (EuCW)
FISTS CW Awards Program:
  • Century Award: Basic, Silver, Gold and Diamond
  • Platinum Awards: Basic, 250 and 500
  • 1 X QRP Award
  • 2 X QRP Award
  • FISTS Ragchewers Award
  • FISTS Spectrum Award
  • Nightmare Alpha-Numeric FISTS Award (NANFA)
  • Perpetual Prefix
  • The Millionaire Award
FISTS Down Under Awards:
  • Certificate of Morse Code Proficiency
  • DXCC Certificate
  • Worked most Band Slots 2021
FISTS North America Awards:
  • FISTS USA Club Call (KN0WCW) Achievement Certificate
  • FISTS USA Club Call (KN0WCW) Operator Certificate
  • Worked All States (WAS)
Five Argentine Islands Award  CW Group Of Argentina (GACW)
Grupo Tortugascw Award  Grupo Tortugas CW
HTC - 20 Years of Helvetia Telegraphy Club Award
Key Down Italy & Key Down World Awards  IK3GER Marathon Award  SKCC Group
OKDXF CW Award  OK DX Foundation
PFX Award  SKCC Group
Rag Chew Award  SKCC Group
Salvador Iglesias LU1EPQ - Award  CW Group Of Argentina (GACW)
Senator Award  SKCC Group
SKD Straight Key Award  The European CW Association (EuCW)
Tortugas CW Diploma 2016  Grupo Tortugas CW
Tribune Award  SKCC Group
Triple Key Award  SKCC Group
UKW-CW-125/250 Award  AGCW-DL
Worked All Continents Award - WAC  SKCC Group
WAPP - Worked All PP  Goias CW Club, Brazil
WHSC - Worked HSC Award  High Speed Club
WNTCM - Worked 25 NTC Members Award  Netherlands Telegraphy Club
Worked All Nordic CW Award  Hudiksvalls Sandaramatörer Club, Sweden
Worked All States Award - WAS  SKCC Group
Worked All States - Centurions (WAS-C)  SKCC Group
Worked All States - Tribunes (WAS-T)  SKCC Group
Worked All States - Senators (WAS-S)  SKCC Group
Worked EuCW Award  The European CW Association (EuCW)
Worked International Ports Award - WIPA  Grupo Praianko de CW (GPCW), Brazil
Worked Scandinavia On CW Award (WSCA)  Scandinavian CW Activity Group
100 EA CW Award  U.R.E., Spain