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My name is Oleksandr Dzyubuk. Home call UX7CQ. Contest call is UV5C. I live in Cherkassy central Ukraine. I am going to offer you some information from Ukraine concerning Ham Radio, my country, my work, and some other issues. Any request or information from you will be much  appreciated.
My address:
P.O. Box 501
Cherkassy 18002, Ukraine
Phone : +380 47 2764112 (Home)
            +380 47 2458141 (Work)

These keys made in UKRAINE I offer for sale
It is easy to send 20 WPM and more with these low priced good quality Ukrainian keys. I can prove it. For more info please click here.

Model TKF

Model TK

model TKF

model TK

Some glimpses of my work activity.


Power semiconductor devices

At my work we deal with radio communication equipment sales and repair. We also develop some RF designs and trade power vacuum and semiconductor devices.

This is my city

Cherkassy City Hall

Bohdan Khmelnitsky

My apartment


King (Hetman) of Ukraine of 17 cent. Bohdan Khmelnitsky.
My apartment is on the 10 th floor