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CW Training Programs
BCC CW-"PED-Contest"  Check cw skill, in speed and ability to handle pileups
Code Quick  Learn Morse code by associating the letters with easy-to-remember phrases
Code Weaver  Fun and educational program that outputs text files as Morse code
CwGet  Decode Morse code with your sound card
CW Player  For Windows - generates Morse caracters and Q codes
CwType  The terminal program for CW-operators
DMorse and RMorse  DOS programs - Freeware
G4OFN Koch Method CW Trainer  Version 9.0 for Windows 9x, NT and XP
G4ZFE Pileup Page  G4ZFE's Pileup! program software
HA5DM's Amateur Radio Files  FTP dowload page - Soundcard ham radio software
Ham University  Three ways to learn Morse code on a PC
Just Learn Morse Code  Free for personal, non-commercial hobby use, by LB3KB
Morse99  Fully windows compatible with sound card support and a Palm version too
Morse Academy  Version 5.2r
MorseCat  A free Windows Morse code trainer for beginners and experts
Morse Code  DOS based software, also runs well in Win3.x, Win95, Win98 and WinXP
Morse Code Made Mild for the New Millennium
Morse Midi v1.1  Generates Morse messages from text and saves them as MIDI files
Morse Runner  Contest simulator for Windows - Freeware
NuCode  Brand new code trainer from Nu-Ware
NuMorse 2.0 coming soon  From complete beginner right up to code expert
NuMorse Professional  Ultimate Morse code trainer for Novice and Expert
Pileup Runner  for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7-32bit/7-64bit - Freeware
RUFZ V3.2 - For the Advanced CW Operator  self-extracting download
Super Morse  Excellent Morse Code Training Program
The Mill  Teaches both International (CW) and American Morse
WA6EHL's Home Page  Contains two downloadable Morse learning programs
WDMorse  For Windows
WinMorse  Text to Morse code conversion