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This award is issued by by the CW GROUP OF ARGENTINA (GACW) for all radio amateurs who have worked five (5) different argentine stations in islands, 2 of them will valid for DXCC.
Valid contact after 30/III/1927 date of the first transmition from the argentine station LRT in South Orkney Islands.
Mode A1A (CW) only Fee: 5 IRC
Logs: Send a photocopy of QSLs received.
Example for DXCC: LU-Z Malvinas Islands; LU-Z South Orkney Is.; LU-Z South Shetland Is.; LU-Z San Pedro (Georgia) Is.; LU-Z South Sandwich Is.; and all the Antartic Islands.
Example non DXCC: LU-X Staten Island; LU-X Tierra del Fuego Is.; LU-X Becasses Is.; LU-X Pavon Is.; and all the argentine oceanic islands. Send to: GRUPO ARGENTINO DE RADIOTELEGRAFIA Box.9 (1875) Wilde, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


This award is issued by the CW GROUP OF ARGENTINA (GACW) for all radio amateurs and SWL who have worked five (5) different argentine stations.
They will be located in continental, antartic or insular territory and two (2) of them will be GACW members.
Valid contact after 01/06/1997 date of GACW born.
Fee: 5 IRC's. Mode: CW - A1A - Logs: A photocopy of QSLs Send to: GRUPO ARGENTINO DE RADIOTELEGRAFIA , Box 9, (1875) Wilde, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Radio Club Argentino (RCA) awards will be issued to any recognized radio amateur holding an official license. Each request must be acompanied by a log-extract or list of the appropiate contacts for the award. The list must be accompanied by the corresponding QSL cards or by a statement from an officer of the national Amateur Radio Society stating that the necessary cards have been checked. All QSOs must be made November 20, 1945 or later, except where otherwise noted. Contacts with mobile stations will not be accepted (exept for the CEMA and CEMARA awards). The fee for each certificate is 10 IRCs ( 5 Pesos or 5 US Dollars). The fee for endorsements is 4 IRCs ( 2 Pesos or 2 US Dollars). Awards applications must be sent to: Radio Club Argentino, Awards Manager Sr. Arnaldo Mirabelli, LU3BU, POBox 97, 1000 Buenos Aires, Argentina

101 PAISES (101 Countries): For QSOs with 101 different DXCC countries, with one LU contact required. There are different certificates for Cw, Phone and Mixed modes. Also for one band or mixed bands ( 80-40-20-15-10). The "Laureated 101 paises" is issued for 101 contacts made in each of the 5 bands. Endorsements for 121,141,161,181, etc.

TPA - TODOS LOS PAISES DE AMERICA (All Countries of America): Awarded for contacts made in any band or mode with 21 American countries and Canada. Countries: CE, CO, CP, CX, HC, HH, HI, HK, HP, HR, LU, OA, PY, TG, TI, VE, W, XE, YN, YS, YV, ZP.

CCC CINCO CONTINENTES COMUNICADOS (Five Continents Worked): Awarded for QSOs with America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. All Continents must be worked on two bands, once on each band. North American stations must QSO South American stations, and vice versa. "Laureated": making the required contacts on three or more bands. Different certificates are issued for CW and Phone.

CAA CERTIFICADO ANTARTICO ARGENTINO (Argentine Antarctic Award): For amateurs working at least one of LU Antarctic base. LU stations must work three bases. Separate awards are given for CW and Phone. All Bands.

CEMARA - CERTIFICADO MOVILES ARMADA ARGENTINA (Argentine Army Mobiles Award): To amateurs who work 25 maritime mobile stations. Ten must be LUs (including 5 from the Argentine Navy). The 15 other maritime mobile stations can be from any country. This award is issued by the "Servivio de Radioaficionados de la Armada (SARA) and the Radio Club Argentino. All bands. Separate certificates for CW, AM and SSB. No mixed modes.

CEMA - CERTIFICADO MOVILES ARGENTINAS (Argentine Mobile Award): To amateurs who work 25 LU mobile stations. Any band or mode.

CA - CERTIFICADO ARGENTINO (Argentine Award): To non-LU stations who work 100 LU stations. Any mode or band. QSOs made since November 20th, 1945.

RA REPUBLICA ARGENTINA (Argentina Republic): Contacts made with 18 LU stations to form the words "Republica Argentina" with the first letter of each call-sign suffix. Example: LU?R??,LU?E?,LW?P??, etc.

TRA TODA REPUBLICA ARGENTINA (All Argentina Republic): To amateurs working all the 25 Argentine Provinces. Any band or mode. Contacts valid from Nov 20th, 1945. LU 10 DOBLE LETRA (LU 10 Double Letter): It's given for those who worked 10 stations (at least one must be an LU), where each call-sign must have any number ranging from 1 to 0 and double letter suffix like PY5AA, ZP5SS, LU5KK,...etc. Any mode or band. Contacts valid from Jan 1th, 1965.

RCA RADIO CLUB ARGENTINO ( Argentine Radio Club): Contacts made with 18 LU stations(at least one must be an LU) to form the words"Radio Club Argentino" with the first letter of each call-sign suffix. Example: LU?R??,LU?A?,LW?D??, etc. Starting date: Jan 1th, 1995

LU YL : To amateurs who work LU stations operated by woman. LU stations must work 20 YLs, 10 by amateurs from IARU II Region, and 5 by amateurs from IARU I and III Regions. Starting date: Sep 20th 1986.

You can download here the form to apply for the differents RCA awards ( size 1K, compressed zip files from txt type).



The AL-FA Award is issued by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (ARLHS) to the amateur radio operator or SWL who has contacted Argentine lihgthouses.

The official list of Argentine lihgthouses are in the web pages:

LU7CC Site

The award is free. The only requirement is to send a self addressed envelope (22 x 30 cm) and 2 IRC (Argentine stations should send stamps instead of IRCs).

Contacts will be verified by sending the QSLs or xerox copies of them (showing all the data of the contacts). If QSLs are sent, they will be returned together with the award.

The application form for the award can be downloaded from the LU7CC Site .

All the ARLHS Award program requirements will apply. Basically: Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6 m.
Modes: all (including satellite and repeaters). Cross band contacts are not valid.
Date: no date restriction. All confirmed QSOs are valid. QSLs: they must show either the name of the lighthouse or its ARLHS number.

The AL-FA Award is issued in two categories:

LU, CX, PY, ZP, CP and CE stations need 5 contacts.
DX stations need 3 contacts.

LU, CX, PY, ZP, CP and CE need 10 contacts.
DX stations need 6 contacts.
The applicant can choose the award to be written in English or in Spanish.

Application form, envelope and QSLs (or xerox copies of them) will be posted to the Award Manager:

Claudio Sylwan (LU7CC)
Av. Las Heras 3892 (dto. 29)

You can visit

Argentine Group of CW

Home page of the GRUPO
(Argentine Group of CW)

And the

Radio Club Argentino Home Page Web site ot the RADIO CLUB ARGENTINO (Argentine Radio Club)