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Young Ladies' Radio League
Young Ladies' Radio League

Amateur Radio Station KP4MD

Op: Carol Milazzo - YL
QTH: Citrus Heights, California, USA
Sacramento County
CQ Zone 3, ITU Zone 6
Locator CM98iq13  38.68� N 121.33� W
ex-WB2OZA(1970-76) ex-KP4EGZ(1975)
AllStar Node: 53144EchoLink Node: 307417
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English Language
American Radio Relay League (Life)
Medical Amateur Radio Council #897
North Am. QRP CW Club No. 8993
River City Amateur Radio Comm. Society
Samuel F. Morse ARC
Straight Key Century Club No. 14087
Ak-Sar-Ben Radio Club (Life)
2 Meter Bozo Net No. 495
10-X International Net No. 7616
Young Ladies' Radio League

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Op: Carol
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Amateur Radio in Puerto Rico
Leo Meyerson, W�GFQ, Radio Pioneer

Balcony Mounted Magnetic Loop Antenna
Comparative Antenna Analysis with WSPR
Full Wave Attic Loop Antenna NEC4WIN Model
Full Wave 40m Loop Antenna 4nec2 Model
G8JNJ 432 MHz Mixed Mode Helical Antenna 4nec2 Model
14-30 MHz Magnetic Loop Antenna
Magnetic Loop Antenna Parameters: 7-30 MHz
Chameleon CHA F-Loop Antenna Parameters: 5-30 MHz
100-1300 MHz Discone Antenna & NEC Model
144 MHz Halo Antenna & NEC Model
144 MHz Magnetic Loop Antenna for Direction Finding
144 MHz Omnidirectional Horizontal Antennas
50 MHz Halo Antenna & NEC Model
70 cm 5 Element Yagi Antenna
Comparison of Flexible VHF/UHF Antennas
Measuring the MFJ-949B Antenna Tuner
MFJ-202 Noise Bridge Antenna Analysis
Modeling Commercial Amateur Radio Antennas
Modeling Quadcopter Range Extender Antennas
Universal HF Magnetic Loop Antenna NEC Model
Zip Cord Transmission Lines and Baluns
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WB2OZA in New York
KP4MD in Puerto Rico
KP4MD in Nebraska
KP4MD in California
KP4MD/P in Puerto Rico

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Arecibo Observatory

"An Insider Tour of the Arecibo Observatory"
at ARRL Pacificon Convention

Seen at the 2011-2014 ARRL Pacificon Convention the 40-minute documentary "An Insider Tour of the Arecibo Observatory." Filmed on location, retired engineer Bob Zimmerman, NP4B narrates an exclusive inside look into the communications technology and workings of this famous world's largest radio telescope in Puerto Rico,
The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center.

WB2OZA QSL ca. 1970 K2FO QSL ca. 1972 Highlights from the Logbook

WB2OZA in New York in 1970-1976

I was a member of the Communications Club of New Rochelle, NY (K2YCJ) and the Tu-Boro Radio Club of Whitestone, Queens, NY (W2BMW).

          1978Station in Rio
          Piedras, Puerto Rico, 1979KP4EMN/KP4MD in Puerto Rico in 1976-1987

KP4MD Amateur Extra Radio Operator License, 10/3/1974Station in Omaha,
          Nebraska, 1989KP4MD in Nebraska in 1987-1999

KP4MD in California in 1999-

Operating Digital
        Modes with the Ham Radio Deluxe Software, July, 2010
Home � 630m(rcv) 160m 80m 60m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 6m 2m 1.25m 70cm Mobile � 2m 70cm
Modes: LSB USB CW AM FM � Baudot � Digital modes �
WSPR 144.490510 MHz or 432.301510 MHz WSPR Spot Reports
Modes: FM
Equipment: Alinco DX-70TH TransceiverYaesu FT-8800R Transceiver
� FlexRadio 1500/3000Elecraft KPA500 AmplifierElecraft XV144 Transverter
UT5JCW 222 MHz TransverterDown East Microwave L432-28HP Transverter
Equipment: Yaesu FT-8800R Transceiver
Antennas: 40 meter horizontal loop Tarheel 100A-HP Screwdriver
Arrow OSJ 146/440 J-PoleStacked 2 meter Halo Antennas222 MHz Halo Antenna
6 element 432 MHz Cubical QuadWaveNode WN-2 SWR/Power Analyzer
Antenna: � � wave 2 meter vertical
Power: � 1W � 5W � 50W � 100W � 500W Power: � 5W � 10W � 50W

KP4MD/P Portable in Puerto Rico 2015 KP4MD/P Portable in Puerto Rico 2016KP4MD/P Portable in Puerto Rico 2015-

QTH: Carolina, Puerto Rico, CQ Zone 8, ITU Zone 11, IOTA: NA-099, Locator FK68xk76, 18.4444� N 66.0174� W

07-16 July 2015 Activation Summary:
28 June -13 July 2016 Activation Summary:
27 June -12 July 2017 Activation Summary:
1-17 July 2018 Activation Summary:
3-14 July 2019 Activation Summary:
Great Circle Map from KP4MD/P West Balcony Panorama View from Amateur Radio Station KP4MD/P in Puerto Rico
        overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
West Balcony Panorama View from Amateur Radio Station KP4MD/P in Puerto Rico overlooking the Atlantic Ocean "The Saltwater Amplifier"

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Uncyclopedia story on Guglielmo Marconi

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