LanLink comes in three versions
Features of 3.3
  • Internet interface to CXCluster
  • Controls PK-232, PK-900, PK-88, KAM, KPC-3, MFJ1278, and TNC2
  • Audio files
  • eQSL functions
  • Automated PBBS and PacketCluster functions
  • Macro Files
  • PSK31 via the sound card in the PC
  • Digital Picture transfer via UUencoding/decoding
  • ADIF log import and export for eQSLs
  • Timers for alarms and automated features.
  • Some APRS features.
  • Lots more
Download LanLink 3.3  Exe file upgrade from Version 3.20

More Screen shots

The latest version of the PSK31Core.dll is 1.19. You may link to AE4JY's web site and download it.

To obtain the Pro version, register your copy of LanLink (US$ 73) at

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