IN3LBQ on the Hühnerspiel (Amthorspitze) - photo by IN3OTD

1 watt power amplifier measurements

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Linear PA by DL2EWN, described in the German amateur radio magazine FunkAmateur (December 2009 issue). Used to be sold as kit by the magazine webshop.

Measurements done with Vcc=12 V, IddQ=50 mA per device.

1 watt power amplifier

Intermodulation products at 1 W PEP output:

1 watt power amplifier two-tone IMD

Measured small-signal S-parameters (with -20 dBm input):

1W PA measured S-parameters.

The fundamental and harmonics output levels versus input power, with a 10 MHz sinewave input, is shown in the graph below:

RF output and DC current drawn from the supply versus input power (10 MHz sinewave) are shown in the following graph:

and the resulting efficiency is shown in the graphs below (data are the same for the two graphs, in the first the input and output power are in dBm and in the second they are in watt):

The third-order intermodulation products amplitude w.r.t the output power per-tone is shown in the graph below (to obtain the actual [average] output power multiply the value by two, to have the PEP, multiply by 4):

IM3 levels vs. output power

The graph below shows the relative amplitude of the IMD products (separately for upper and lower products) for a two-tone test with varying tone spacing at 1 W PEP output: IMD vs. tone spacing the IMD products are practically at the same level and without much dependency on the tone spacing.