Rigblaster Plus

The Rigblaster Plus is a rig to sound card interface made by West Mountain Radio (circa 2001). The unit is supposed to be compatible with every current or future radio software program (see comments). It is meant to serve as a convenient interface between the radio and the computer. It offers several convenient features, including a front panel 1/4 inch headphone jack, a rear panel computer speaker jack and the ability to attach a microphone to the front panel of the unit. In addition, the audio level from the sound card is adjustable from a rear panel control. It may be left connected and ready for operation. It also includes fully isolated CW/FSK keying output for direct keying of your rig's CW or FSK.

Physical characteristics: Main unit: 5.5in (w) x 1.5 in (h) x 3.0in (d), power requirements: 12 V DC, "wallwart" included.

Comments (Please read carefully): The unit and all interconnecting wires are in excellent condition. As you can see from the boxed materials, almost everything in the original box is here. The only missing components are the CD/DVD and one 1/8' stereo cable. That's likely no problem, since the CD/DVD contained programs for digital communications and is available as a download from the manufacturer's website. Since the unit connects to the computer sound card, no "drivers" should be required (except if you're using a serial to USB adapter). One source of interconnection problem might be the microphone connections. Note that the RJ45 mic out connector is attached to an 8 pin mic connector. This connection would have to be adapted to your radio. In addition, the 8 pin arrangement would have to be adapted to your mic jack if you wanted the convenience of using your microphone from the front panel connection. There are internal jumpers that need to be configured for your particular radio also. Potentially more problematic, is the unit uses a serial connector to connect with the computer software (this is the original Rigblaster Plus, not the Rigblaster Plus USB). Serial (RS-232) connectors are no longer found on modern computers. I am not certain if a serial to USB adapter would work in its place. I assume it would. The QST review of the unit can be found on the manufacturer's website. The buyer should be familiar with computer-rig interfacing.

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Rigblaster Package
Rigblaster Package
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