Dave Clark Aviation Headset

General Description: This is a Dave Clark Aviation Headset with boom mic. The model number is unreadable. The mic element appears to be a model 7A noise canceling mic. The headset appears to have Comfort Gel® ear seals.

Comments (Please read carefully): If you recognize this headset, please email me the model number or any other information you think might help someone bid on this item. The mic element identification appears to be "7A", but the markings are too light and worn to be clearly visible. If so, this is a noise canceling mic according to the Dave Clark website. This is obviously a well made, high-end headset as shown by the gold plugs and excellent ear pads. The mic may be missing the wind-screen. The unit appears to be in good shape. It has not been tested.

Bidding Closed: Sold!!

Full View
Mic Element
Side View


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