John Stewart
Shreveport, LA

Amateur Radio Station

Kenwood TS-711A Transceiver

The Kenwood TS-711A is a multimode, 144 Mhz (2 meter) transceiver with a power output of from 2 to 25 watts. Features include: 40 multifunction memories, RIT, IF shift, speech processor, RF power control, memory shift, dual digital VFO's, dual watch, scanning, keypad entry, priority alert, repeater reverse, and memory scroll.

Requires 120 V AC at 6.5 amps. SN: 5100286

This transceiver belonged to Bud Ports, W5AJS-SK. It was sold at auction by QCWA Chapter 85.

TS-711A Side Panel TS-711A Side Panel
TS-711A Back
TS-711A Top