QCWA Chapter 85 Scholarship Auction

QCWA Chapter 85 has come into the possession of several pieces of amateur radio gear. This equipment came from donations of club members or their families. The club will sell the equipment and donate all money raised to a local or national organization that provides scholarships for students pursuing college or technical level education in electronics or a related field. The equipment will go to the highest bidder in the local (Shreveport, Louisiana) area.

The members of QCWA Chapter 85 would like to thank those who have contributed equipment:

  • Bonnie Brown W5TEB, wife of Ernie Brown W5FYZ-SK
  • The family of C.M. (Bud) Ports W5AJS-SK
  • Dick Bruns K7VQ

How to Bid

  1. The equipment will be sold as received and has not been tested (except where noted). However, anything we note that affects the appearance or functionality of the item will be noted in the "Comments" section of the description. Please read the "comments" section carefully. The equipment may have mechanical or electrical problems. For example, it may be necessary to lubricate and clean switches and potentiometers. If the buyer is not satisfied with the item, he/she may return the item for a full refund within one (1) week of purchase.

  2. Interested buyers should submit bids via email only. Click on the "BID Link" next to the item for sale. Please provide:

    • your name and amateur call
    • equipment name
    • bid
    • telephone number

  3. All bids must be greater than the minimum bid indicated.

  4. For the initial round, bids will ONLY be accepted from amateurs in the ArkLaTex area or those willing to pickup the equipment from the Shreveport area (i.e. no shipping).

  5. Bidding will remain open for one (1) week from the time a bid is received.

  6. Bidders will receive either an email or telephone call if their bid status has changed.

  7. After 1 week, bidding will be closed on the item and the highest bidder will be declared the winner.

  8. Payment by cash or check only.

  9. Click here to bid.

Scholarship Money Collected Thus Far: $2,350 - Thanks to all who participated!!!

Current Bid Status

Item Minimum Bid Current Bid Bidding Ends
Kenwood TS-850S HF transceiver Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Collins 30S-1 RF Amplifier Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Daiwa High Power Antenna Tuner Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Heathkit HM-15 SWR Meter Bidding closed: Sold!!
MFJ-989 High Power Tuner V Bidding Closed: Sold!!
HeathKit SB200 Amp Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Ham Keyer Model HK-5A Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Welz SP-220 SWR/Power meter Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Kenwood HS-5 Headphones Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Bencher Iambic Paddle BY-1 Bidding Closed: Sold!!
RigBlaster Plus Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Viking Challenger Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Knight VFO Bidding Closed: Sold!!
HeathKit Keyer Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Aviation Headset Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Drake R4-A Receiver Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Drake T4-XB Xmiter & ps Bidding Closed: Sold!!
TenTec Triton IV w/Spkr Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Drake MN-4 Tuner Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Kenwood TS-711A 2M XCVR Bidding Closed: Sold!!
MFJ 949E tuner Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Kenwood TS-830S HF XCVR Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Kenwood TS-520SE Bidding Closed: Sold!!
Telex Controller Bidding Closed: Sold!!