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QRP Calling Frequencies
QRPp Experiments
Super Tee Antenna Tuner
Relative S and Power Meter
Multi-PIG PLL Oscillator
Mini-PIG 10M Transceiver
Homebrew 40 Meter SST
The "Ugly Tornado" (Modified Pixie)
Great Links Grid Dip Oscillator
Convert a Junk PC Power Supply To +13.5V!

Most Recent Homebrew Projects
Progressive Receiver Pages
My "PT Cruiser" -- 40M Transceiver Built Around the Progressive Receiver
A 15 Meter Transmitter to Use With The Progressive Receiver
The Wheatstone Bridger Regenerative (WBR) Receiver
Small Wonders SW20+ Optimized for Backpacking
VFO Controlled 40 Meter MicroMountaineer
mini40 Backpacking Transceiver, Bridge, and Transmatch
Transceivers Built Around the MiniR2 Single-Signal Direct Conversion Receiver by KK7B
Surface Mount Projects
50 MHz (6 Meter) Antenna Tuner
1 - 500 MHz RF Power Meter (designed by W7ZOI and W7PUA)
Tuning Circuit For A Short Whip Antenna
50 MHz to 18 MHz Transverter
My Newest Project: GCR2 Transceiver
A transceiver utilizing AA0ZZ's DDS IQ VFO and KK7B's Mini R2 Receiver as a General Coverage Receiver, tuning 1.8 MHz to 30 MHz, and W7ZOI's Updated Universal Transmitter

Go Hiking, Riding or Backpacking with Your Rig!
Just recently, I have started to combine two of my favorite hobbies, backpacking and ham radio. After a delightful day's hike, it is equally rewarding to throw an antenna into the trees above and see what one can do on the air.
Hopefully, I will be building this section of the web site over the months and years to come so check back from time to time for a sort of "diary" account of my treks.
A good place to start, if you are interested in getting out into the woods with your rig is
Adventure Radio Society webpage.
Rigs that I currently use are the Micro-Mountaineers and the Small Wonder's SW20+, mentioned above.
I'd also like to try some VHF mountain-topping with my Yaesu FT-817.
Adventure Radio Society Rendezvous 2001
This was great fun! I met some other hams with a "kindred spirit" for outdoor radio, rubbed shoulders with guys who will forget more than I will ever know, and stomped around in the beautiful Oregon Cascades.
Another web site, maintained by Wes Hayward, W7ZOI, contains information and links related to backpacking and radio as well as very helpful pages concerning radio homebrewing. Wes has been quite influential at improving my ham radio "learning curve," and I'm grateful for his friendship, although I admit to being a bit jealous of his geographical location. The Pennsylvania mountains are foothills compared to the Oregon Cascades!
Cross Country Bike Trip
Photos and commentary of a bicycling trek across the United States that two friends and I did in 2000. Ham Radio was a bit of an after thought on the trip but I did manage to bring along a QRP rig and work a few QSOs. I guess this counts as adventure radio?

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