mini40 40 Meter Homebrew Backpacking Setup

The complete setup makes the Whiterook Paddles look big!
Each enclosure measures 2 3/4 H x 2 3/4 D x 5 W.

mini 40 Transceiver
Modified CSS (Curiously Simple Superhet)
Receiver tunes from 7.022MHz - 7.046MHz.
Modified Universal Transceiver from Solid State Design
HC6 Crystals VXO about 3.5kHz.
I have 7.025, 7.030, 7.035, 7.039, 7.040
crystals to handle the receiver's coverage.
Includes a spotting switch to transmit into a dummy load, and tune the receiver
Output: 1W at 12V, 1.5W at 13.8V.
Absorptive Bridge
Design by W7ZOI, can handle about 20 watts.
Also from Solid State Design
Center toggles switch in capacitance and inductance as needed.
I can match 40M, 30M, 20M, and 17M with this setup.